DIY Ombré Hair - Brown and Platinum Blonde

Hello lovelies,
Having  a new baby doesn't give me much time to myself, let alone enough time to bleach and tone my roots in one night. With that being said I decided it was time for a change in the hair department. Ombré hair has been around for awhile and once done it is completely maintenance free - at least for a few months - and that is exactly what I need at the moment.
For as long as I can remember I have always done my hair myself (aside from my salon mistake when going blonde) and I prefer it that way. I get full control over my do. Below are the steps I took to achieve my new gradient "ombré" hair....

I bought a light golden brown dye -  Garnier #63 Light golden brown. I didn't want anything too dark. I wanted the colour to still be light and also to make an easier blend as my hair lightens towards my ends.

I also bought a Blonde hair dye - L'Oreal Excellence Creme in CC1 Soft Medium Ash Blonde. This was to darken some of the Blonde I already had.

Step 1:
I dyed my hair with the brown dye from my roots to just above my chin. I left the dye in for roughly 20 minutes.
Step 2:
I washed and blow dryed my hair.
Step 3:
Using the Blonde hair dye, I used a dye comb to place the dye over some of my existing blonde locks. I did this more sporaticly to give a natural and almost seamless appearance. I also used the blonde over some of the brown strands that I had just previously dyed to make them lighter.
I left the blonde dye in for about 20-30 minutes and then I washed and blow dryed my hair once again.
I left the ends of my hair platinum, so in total I have four colours in my hair.
That is it, those are all of the steps I took in achieving my new ombré hair. So easy, right?
I am so in love with my new hair and it looks a lot more natural than the platinum colour I had previously (although I loved that just as much). My new do is going to be a lot easier to maintain now too, which is just what I need being a new mom.
If you want to change your hair and try an ombré style,  I would highly suggest doing it yourself or get a friend to help you out. In total I only spent about $15 on hair dye, compared to the $200 that I would've spent in a salon.
I hope that this post helps any of you who want to try a similar hair style/colour to mine and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below!!!

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