Updated What's in My Purse

Hello lovelies,

It has been a long while since my last What's in my purse post and I always find these posts to be one of the most interesting. Finding out what others deem as essential must have items to keep with them everyday. It's a personal post and also fun to read. So, without further ado, let's get to what is in my purse.

Top: Gebe Maternity
Skirt: M for Mendocino
Shoes: Justfab
Necklace: Ricki's 

Items I must have with me at all times include pretty much everything that you see here and it is the main reason why I can never carry a small purse. 

Purse: Coach

Wallet: Coach

Mints, for both a breath refresher and nausea killer, while pregnant.
Lotion, because I hate having dry hands.
EOS lip balm.
Hand sanitizer, because I can be a total germaphobe, especially while pregnant.
Earphones from Sony.
My current fav lipstick in Affluent from Younique.
Sunnies from H&M.
My rosary, because I am Catholic and I pray daily.
My agenda and organizer. My agenda is from Bando and it is my favourite. It is a monthly and daily planner with a lot of room for notes and it comes with stickers!! They have so many prints and designs and this one was my fav!
A pen, of course, to use for writing in my planner and because you never know when something will either need to be signed and/or filled out.
Clear polish for those pesky times when my nail polish chips or my actual nail chips while out.

And, that is everything I carry with me on a daily basis. I also ensure to always have water and snacks in my purse everywhere I go, typically both for myself and for daughter.

What are your purse must haves?? Let me know in the comments below and as always thanks for reading!

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How to Survive the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Hello lovelies,

The news is out!! If you do not follow me on social media, then you may not yet know that.....I am pregnant! This is my second pregnancy and this time around we are expecting twins!!! We both feel so blessed and we are overjoyed to grow our little family. And, of course our little girl is totally stoked to be a big sister!

Finding out that you are pregnant can leave you with a whirlwind of emotions, add pregnancy symptoms and not fitting into your clothes on top of that and it can be quite a challenge to manage. Having been through this once before, I am grateful for the tips and tricks that I had learned and been able to implement into my everyday life this time around. With that said, I am here to share with you all of my tips on how to survive the first trimester of pregnancy. Because, we never receive enough advice while pregnant, right?

Tip #1 
Sharing the news

This is a sensitive and tricky one to manage, as it can be so hard not to want to tell everyone. If you tell people, are they accidentally going to slip and tell others? Are you going to slip and tell people? Also, how long is that teeny tiny bump going to stay teeny tiny?

Having a careful conversation with your partner on who and when to tell is a definite must, as soon as possible. You may both have different ideas on who should be the first to know, however having that initial conversation will make it so much easier to respect each others wishes.

Tip #2
Dealing with Nausea 

Every woman and every pregnancy is different. With my first, all I really experienced was motion sickness vs. full blown nausea. I had a few days that I took my prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach and quickly learned my lesson not to do that ever again. However, with this pregnancy it has not been the same. Yes, a multiple pregnancy is accompanied by the symptoms of double the hormones, but no one ever knows what that really means. To combat nausea, I keep water on my night stand and ensure that I eat within a half hour of waking up; crackers are a perfect small snack to devour before breakfast and in between meals. 
Mints!! I have mints in my purse and sitting on my counter at home, as they always help when either motion sickness kicks in, or for just nausea in general. Anytime I feel a little motion sickness on transit or in the car, I always pop a mint or two to help it pass for a little while. They are also great for getting rid of pesky after tastes that can bring up nausea after a meal.

Tip #3
Fitting an ever changing waistline

Depending on your body frame you may show quickly, or if you have a longer torso or are carrying further in your back, you may not show as early. Either way, a tighter waistline is inevitable. Do not, I repeat DO NOT think that you have to live in leggings, because there are so many options available now to help you look and feel great. With my first everyone recommended I get a Bella Band and it totally does the trick for helping you fit into your favourite jeans without having to zip them up! Comfy pants also work wonders, especially loose joggers. 
For tops, I typically stick to longer tanks and looser fitting tops, especially if you haven't shared your joyful news yet.

Tip #4

Face First

Restless nights and all day nausea got me looking like a Walking Dead extra, but no one needs to know how I really look! ;)
A good BB cream, concealer and luminizer = my trick to glowing skin!
I mix my favourite concealer and luminizer together for a luminescent glow and top it off with a moisturizing BB cream to give my skin life and hydration, so no one has to know that I did not "wake up like this".

My EOS lip blam, Batiste dry shampoo and of course  prenatal vitamins are all essentials that I cannot live without while pregnant and recommend that all pregnant women have!!

Stretch Marks? No, thank you!
To prevent stretch marks (hopefully) and also alleviate itchy, dry skin, I use a combination of Vaseline Radiance coco butter moisturizer and Shoosha Stretch Mark Oil. I start by putting the moisturizer all over my upper half, including my butt and hips (because yes, your skin will also stretch there too) and then I layer on my oil.
Using both seriously and truly eliminates the mid day tummy itch and keeps my skin feeling supple all day long. I do this routine twice a day; once in the morning after I wake up and then in the evening before bed. I used this same routine with my first pregnancy and thankfully never got a single stretch mark (here's hoping this round will end in the same results ;)) 

Tip #5
Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during pregnancy helps your body on so many levels. Getting enough fluids, helps your skin retain moisture (keeping stretch mark prevention on top of mind), and helps to flush out everyday toxins. Sometimes feeling lightheaded and nauseous can also mean that you are not getting enough fluids. I always have a water bottle with me and I usually end up refilling it about 4-5 times a day while I am at work. 

Tip #6
Write it Down

Get a pregnancy journal! I had one with my first and I bought one for this pregnancy as well. Having a pregnancy journal is a great way to keep memories because we all know how forgetful we can be (especially while pregnant). Being able to jot down important notes along the way, like when you first felt your baby kick or when you feeling your first bay hiccups. All are amazing memories and they are great to share with your little one when they are older. A pregnancy journal is also an excellent way to stay organized, as they typically include appointment reminders, baby shower guest lists and how to organize your thank your cards. A definite must have and the one I use is What to Expect When You're Expecting organizer and you can get it at online or in-store at Chapters/Indigo.

I hope that this post has been helpful, as I wish I had come across similar advice while pregnant with my first. If you have some of your own favourite tips that have helped you along your journey, share them below! And, if you too are expecting comment below and let's share in our joy together :)!

Stay tuned for my next post which will include some of my favourite Fall maternity looks, that I will be strutting this season! Let me know your favourite trends for the season and I will try to include them.

As always thank you for reading and until next time...



Transitioning to Fall

Hello lovelies,

The air is getting crisp and that Fall breeze is here to stay. Although the summer heat has not entirely disappeared, I am ready to start rocking some Fall transitional outfits. Below are some of my favourite trends for the season and tips on how I will be switching up my Summer styles to make them work for the current "Pre-Fall" weather.
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The first look is perfect for when the weather is warmer during the day and it doesn't scream Fall however, throw a cardi on top or a leather jacket and you are set for that Fall breeze.
Floral jeans are a trend that I am LOVING this season and dressing them up with a heel, will take them from day to night.

This next look is one of my favs, because I LOVE cozy sweaters and the touches of pink, make this an easy transitional look for Fall. Adding a classic black suede bootie dresses this look up, making it appropriate for an event.

The last look I created is literally one that you will catch me in almost everyday this Fall. I picked this look because it is cozy and casual and can be dressed up or down, depending on where I am going. A faux fur vest over a cozy knit with combat boots is the ultimate in comfort. Add a floppy hat and oversized bag and this is the perfect city outfit.

Which look is your favourite and which trends can you not wait to rock this Fall???
Comment below and let me know!

Thanks for ready loves!



Spring Outfits ft. Warby Parker

Who doesn't have an obsession with sunglasses?!?

I can't even count how many I have, so obviously I was stoked to hear about Warby Parker's revamping of their head-turning Haskell frame and ROY G. For their new Spring launch they have decked them out with six new options of flash lenses in stellar colours and shades for both men and women!

What's awesome about Warby Parker's sunglasses is that they are crafted from hand-polished crystal cellulose acetate and they have rounded lenses with just a pinch of vintage-y flavor. Anything vintage is so on trend for 2017 and I was super excited when they asked me to help them spread the word of this seasons launch!!!

The new colours and mirrored lenses go with absolutely everything and will make you wish the sun never faded into night, as I would totally rock these rain or shine!

Check out my spring outfit ideas for how I would style their new must have lenses!!!

Their lenses come in an assortment of shades and are a must have for the season, so be sure to get yours today!! 



Flirty Fall Essentials

Hello lovelies!!

My favourite season is here, it's finally Fall!!

Cozy knit sweaters, adorable boots, scarves and hats, all of the reasons I love Fall. And I can't forget my favourite drinks come back at  Starbucks this time of year as well... HELLO pumpkin spice everything...knock on me all you want ha ha!!

On a serious note getting back to Fall fashion, as I mentioned I absolutely cannot live without my knit sweaters and scarves and one thing that we don't always mention is what's under. Underneath my cozy knits to still feel girly and sexy I always go for a cute bra to amp up my look. Lately I have been leaning towards lacey bralettes or cute a cotton sports bra to stay cozy.

My outfit shows off my long tunic style sweater from Lolë, bugurndy infinity scarf (similar style), a strappy cotton sports bra, guess? watch (similar) and my hand made mala bracelets that are now up for sale on my Etsy Shop!

Sexy lingerie always makes a girl feel special whether it be worn on a netflix and chill night or a night home of pampering yourself after a long bath while reading a book with your favourite glass of wine.

Athleisure is a huge trend for 2016 and especially during the Fall season. I love wearing a pair of printed leggings with a cute sports bra, a leather jacket and runners for an afternoon coffee grab!

What about you? And what is your favourite type of bra to wear under your cozy knits?

Stay tuned for more cozy Fall posts coming soon!!!



Got Brablems? Let me solve them!

Hello lovelies,

From the title of this post, I am sure that you are asking "What the heck is a Brablem?". It is exactly what you would think it is, bra-problems. As women, problems with our bras is a situation we run in to daily and we have had enough!!! In this post I am going to share some of the most common brablems, as well as my least fav issues and also give you some tips to get rid of those pesky brablems once and for ALL!! Who's with me?!?!?

Brablem 1: One of my biggest Brablems is my straps always falling down! There is nothing more annoying than constantly having to fix a falling strap through out the day. It didn't even occur to me to think that it's caused by the straps stretching out!

Solution: Tighten your straps roughly once a month, the slightest amount will make the biggest difference. If that doesn't work try to switch to a full coverage or a convertible bra, as they tend to have the narrowest straps.

Brablem 2: I hate this one, especially when wearing a low cut top; cup gaping - space between you and your bra. For those of us with sisters rather than twins, this can be one of our most common brablems.

Solution: Try to go down a cup size or a 1/2 size. Never heard of half sizes? The company Third Love has solved all of our problems with this one, by offering half sizes in bras!! Ie. If you are wearing a 34B and are a victim to cup gaping, Third Love recommends to try their 34AA 1/2 size, to prevent such an issue.
You could also try a push up or plunge style bra to eliminate the extra space on top.

Brablem 3: Band riding up. That heavy, tight feeling in your back that leaves you uncomfortable all day long. This also has a bad effect on our posture, as standing up straight just feels like too much effort.

Solution: Go for a smaller band and keep in mind when going down a band size, you need to go up a cup size. Ie. If you are currently wearing a 36B, you should now get a 34C to rectify the issue.

What are your biggest Brablems?

All solutions provided above are thanks to ThirdLove­! Check out their bras here­ and be sure to use the promo code "brablems" to save 15% off at checkout. 

Treat yourself to the perfect Classic T Shirt bra with memory foam cups or something sexy like their Lace Balconette bra. They also have an amazing fit guide to ensure that you never buy the wrong sized bra again!

Thanks to everyone for reading this post!

Until next time...



How to Style the Perfect LBD with Daily Look

Hello lovelies,

With warm weather comes leg domination, ­when we all start ditching our beloved j­eans for the perfect sexy Little Black Dress­.­ I've come up with two diffetent looks, each involving a LBD from Daily Look for the perfect Spring date night.

The first outfit is a bit more edgy, but definitely still feminine and sexy.
The second look is perfect for a night out during those warmer months and it is also perfect to bring with you on vacation for when dining in at the resort.

Outfit no.1
Dress- Daily Look
Leather  Blazer- Dynamite
Shoes- Aldo
Clutch- Aldo
Necklace- Aldo
Earrings- Aldo
Watch- Michael Kors
Bracelete- Michael Kors

Outfit no.2
Dress- Daily Look
All Aeccessories- Aldo

Which look is your favourite and how would you style a LBD for a romantic evening out!?!?

Check out more LBD dresses from Daily Look
 And fill out a quick survey about your style on the website and get a free three month subscription to Daily Look's Elite memebership box (there is a shipping fee if you live outside of the US), I just signed up for mine!!!  
(sorry for no hyperlinks, need to fix that shortly)

Thanks for reading everyone!!!

Until next time...



StandFor Shoe Collection Exclusive Preview

Hello lovelies,

A new shoe company StandFor from Portugal is offering a preview of their new Spring/Summer 2015 collection exclusively in the blogosphere and I am so honoured to be one of the chosen few to participate in this sneak peek preview. The world premier is set for April 13th.

StandFor is not just your everyday shoe company each of their collections (this being their first) have a meaning behind them to raise awareness. Their very first collection is "Smoke Less".

"“Smoke Less” is our first statement, which makes it doubly significant. We chose it because we are aware of how important a theme it is. Smoking is a global issue that must be treated with maximum attention."

Smoking is indeed a global issue and effects all of us daily. Growing up in a home of smokers and now having a baby myself, I can definitely relate to how severe it can be to some. I will do anything and everything to protect my little girl and those closest to me and if this collection can bring enough awareness to help one person to cut back or even quit smoking, then the air around us will be that much cleaner and easier to breath.

"We think it is a reasonable thing to ask that people smoke less. Our intention is to promote a reduction of smoke in people’s lives as well as in the environment that surrounds us. We feel that it’s a significant contribution to improve everyone’s life".

Not only does the collection Stand For a global issue, but it also offers super cute shoes!!! The company also offers free international shipping which is a huge plus, as shipping can usually cost a pretty penny. They also offer fast and easy returns on any UNUSED products within fifteen (15) days from the date of delivery. All sizes are european and they have styles for both men and women.

Some of the styles include:

Literal Passive (other colour options)
Fertility (other colour options)

How cute would they look with a pair of skinny jeans, a white tee with a statement necklace and a leather jacket!! They are perfect for everyday wear and you can also go with a solid colour (ie. the Literal shoe) with a dressier outfit or even for the office. 
They also offer more literal graphics and colours if you want something different and a little more fashion forward.

Help StandFor the cause to "Smoke Less" and check out the collection in my personalized shop just for annpaige readers!!! StandFor "Smoke Less"

Thanks so much for reading!!!

Until next time,



Review: Covergirl Flammed Out Mascara

Hello lovelies,

The Covergirl Flammed Out Mascara has been out for a little while now and I finally got my hands on it. I just got the chance to try it the other day and I wanted to do a review for all of you. I got it in the colour 300 very black blaze.

Product Claims:
- 3x the volume for big bold long lashes
- The hourglass wire brush sweeps lashes up and out for buildable volume.

I have very light and pretty long lashes, so I always look for something dark that provides volume, because I already have length. The first thing I noticed about this Mascara was the wand. The shape conforms perfectly to my lashes and makes it easy to cover every single lash with product. The wand also provides even distribution of the product making my lashes voluminous from corner to corner.  As you will see in the picture below, this Mascara definitely lives up to it's "3x the Volume" claim. The Mascara provides gorgeous volume and length without being clumpy or sticky.  It is also easy to take off at the end of the day.  The packaging alone makes it hard not to gravitate towards this product in the store.

You can find the Covergirl Flammed Out Mascara at all drugstores with a retail price of $ - $.

Rating: 10/10
Would I try this product again?

Would I recommend this product to others?
Girl, go get you some!!!!
(Totally took that line from EG!!!)

Have questions or comments about this prodcut?  Leave them below!!!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that this post was helpful, if you are in need of a new mascara, or if you weren't sure if this was the right product for you; until now ;) !!!!

Until next time....



How NOT to do your Makeup for the Holidays

Hello lovelies,

The holidays are officially here and most of us have packed schedules with party after party to attend. Getting ready for a holiday party takes a lot more work than a regular party. You are going  to see your entire family, friends that you haven't  seen in a while or all of your co-workers in one room. Seeing all of these people we of course want to look our absolute best and different than we normally do.

For all of us ladies doing our makeup for a special occasion can take forever, at least longer than normal. This post is mostly for fun, as I would never step out of my house looking like this. In this post I have also included some major tips to help save anyone from a makeup mishap for anytime of the year.

- Do wear colour and have fun with it.
- Do NOT wear a bold colour on your eyes, lips and cheeks. Pick ONE feature to be your main focus.
- Do fill in your eyebrows to add more depth to your face and make your eyes open up.
- Do NOT over fill in your brows, this can literally make you look crazy!! Do follow  your natural arch and fill in any sparse  areas.
- Do contour your face and add bronzer or a cream concealer in a shade that is two shades darker than your foundation.
- Do NOT pick a shade that is more than two shades darker than your foundation or it will look unnatural and muddy.
- Do wear false lashes or a volumizing mascara to make your eyes appear wider and pull your entire look together.
- Do NOT wear lashes that are too dramatic, especially if you already have a bold eye look going on - you don't want to hide the masterpiece that you just  created on your lids. You also don't  want to look like you have a critter hanging over your eyes.
- Do wear glitter and a highlighter to beighten up your face and help add dimension.
- Do NOT wear a highlighter that is too light for your complexion and Do NOT dip your face in glitter.

I hope that you may have gotten a laugh from this post and also some helpful tips!!!

Have an amazing holiday everyone and Merry Christmas!!!!



Broadway & Kiss Nail designs

Hello lovelies,

I recently got a package in the mail fr Influenster Canada including two different sets of nail designs. I love anything that is easy to do and offers a polished look all at the same time and that is exactly what both of these sets offer. 

The first is a press on nail design from Broadway Nails - Media Darling
To start the colour is a gorgeous hot pink and can go with almost any look. They are a medium length and the package has several different nail sizes, making them a perfect for anyone. Inside the package there is also a prep wipe to get your nails ready for the press-ons. The thing I love most about these nails is how effortless they are and how amazing they look. 

Don't have time for a salon trip? Forgo the salon and buy these instead!!! It only takes a few minutes to apply them and then you are set for however long you want to wear them (recommend time is one week). Everyone will think that you got your nails done professionally, because they look that good!  If you only plan on wearing them for one day or a few hours for a special occasion, then you can totally reuse them, just keep the plastic backing. 

The second set in the package is from Kiss - Double Lutz
This set is great for a classic French tip; a classic bejeweled Fremch at that. The best part about this French tip is that you don't have to worry about only one hand looking good when doing them yourself, because they are stickers!!! No more shacky lopsided French tips on your opposite hand. The set includes 22 stickers and you can choose if you want a thin or thicker tip. When applying the stickers you can also cut and reshape them to fit your nails perfectly. 

If you want to up amp up your style even more you can paint your nails a different colour before the application or place them on top of your press-on nails. Below I cut the jewels off and placed them on the bottom of my press-on nail from Broadway nails and made a half moon design. 

Depending on how often you get your nails wet and for how long, the press-ons can last for up to 10 days and th stickers for up to 7. I have a new baby, so I am constantly washing my hands a million times a day making the sticker last me four days before they started to peel at the top (it looks just like chipped polish). Four days for me is still a long time and ai was actually surprised they lasted as long as they did. 

 These styles are so versatile and easy, that you will never have to go to a salon again (or you can at least spread out your visits). The stickers and press-ons will also keep your nails looking and feeling a lot healthier than constant salon trips, that can reek habit on your nails. 

Both retail for under $10 at select drugstores and department stores. 

Would you or will you be trying out any of the above styles?

If you've tried out either brand before let me know your thoughts below!!!

Until next time....


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