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The models that we see on the catwalks and in print ads have always been generally thin, but now we are starting to see more and more curvier and fuller figured models all around the world. Recently certain countries such as Spain have banned models off of the catwalks with a BMI(Body Mass Index) under 18 which has turned away at least almost 30% of the models that used to participate in runway shows. This past week at Toronto's LG Fashion week the Joe Fresh show featured plus sized model Crystal Renn who at he beginning of her modeling career was told she needed to lose 50 lbs and drop 10 inches off of her 43" waist to be successful at the tender age of 14. After suffering from Anorexia Crystal said no more and just wanted to be herself. She wanted to do what she wanted to do. Well, staying true to herself and her beliefs definitely worked wonders for her because Crystal Renn is everywhere. She has been on the cover of Italian Elle, American Vogue and even Italian Vogue. And she can thank Ford models for giving her the opportunity to be a plus sized model instead of trying to mold her into something she clearly was not.

With all of that being said about plus sized models finally being seen as serious models how does this affect the sample size 2,4 & 6 models with measurements ranging from 221/2" waists and 32" hips to 261/2" waists and 36" hips. Of course they will always be on the runways and magazine covers and it is ultimately the designers choice who they book for their shows, but with the ban on models under a certain weight happening in Spain it has caused issues all over the world. "Not all models are Anorexic, sick and have body image problems. There are a small percentage of women who are the size of the "ideal" catwalkers, naturally. As much as overweight individuals should never be discriminated against because of their size, so too should people who are naturally thin not be excluded. London has said that they are not going to follow in Spain's footsteps in banning "skinny" models off of the runways. They believe that it is the designers choice to do what they please in terms of who they book for their shows, and that it is not the countries place to put any restrictions on them.

But how far will certain countries go to try to prove a point? I personally believe that it is unfair to judge people based on the way that they look. Of course I do still believe that anorexic or super skinny models with their bones popping out should not be on the runway, because it does promote an unhealthy lifestyle and something should be done about that. But you can still have a BMI under 18 and be healthy without being anorexic. I myself have a BMI of 17 and have always been told by the doctors that I am under weight, but there is nothing I can do about it, that is just how my body is. Some people are naturally thin and others naturally curvy but still healthy. With that being said don't ever try to be something that you are not. Eating disorders are a serious issue among young girls all round the world and the fact that we are now starting to see a variety of model types I think and hope that it will help us all realize that we should love ourselves for who we are and never try to be something that we are not. As long as you are healthy and you love your body then be like Tyra Banks and say to anyone who tells you you're not good enough "You can kiss my healthy and still fat(or skinny) butt!!!!"


Thanks for reading what I had to say, and I would love to hear what all of you think about this issue too, so please post any comments you have below. Thanks!


  1. I think it takes a lot of will and determination. Just think about Gisele Bunchen she just had a baby and worked her butt off to get back in shape. If you don't naturally have hte body type they want you to have it can be hard to either attain it or keep it. Thanks for your comment Kim!!!!!!!

  2. thanks for the comment! u should start a movement too!! I know Canadians have a WICKED!!! sense of style!! "Eating disorders are a serious issue among young girls all round the world" <--- that is very true!


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