Spring/Summer 2010 Style Trend #1

Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2010

From what I see there are four different style trends for this Spring/Summer. There is the army/cargo trend, the 60's jumper trend, the southern trend as well as the signature California trend.

Now let's cover each one individually.

The Army/Cargo Style

The colours for this style include green, khakiand neutrals such as light brown, light to medium grey hues, and of course white.


The ever popular item that comes back every year is the cargo capri. This year you can find them in an assortment of colours ranging from white to green
and black to brown. You can find them in a casual fit as well as something more appropriate for going out in.

Urban Planet Cargo 12.48

American Eagle Linen Harem Cargo 29.95
(slightly dressy)


Now this trend is a mix between two different styles. The 60's and the army/cargo. Jumpers/Rompers/Onesie whatever you call it this is a popular trend for this
season. Now the reason I say this could be a mix is because of the different fabrics and colours you can find them in. For this particular jumper I would have to
classify it as the army/cargo trend because of the colour and fabric, it's light and easy to wear.

Garage Jumper $29.90


Cardigans are popular with every season. For this season you don't want them to heavy of course but you want them to keep you warm at night time if you're up
at the cottage, hanging at the park or just lounging at the. Jersey blend are perfect 'cause they do both for you. This season sleeveless with ties and button ups
are very popular.

Urban Planet Cardi $16.99
*Pair with AE Harem cargo, a tank and
wedges for a dressy sophistacted look.

Garage Cardi $14.90

American Eagle Tank $10.00


Flip flops are always popular and always in for spring and summer. Now with the army/cargo style you can dress it up or go casual with your flip flops. Gladiators are still in so they are a good to dress up your outfit a bit or you could go with a sexy wedge.

American Eagle Gladiators $29.50
(dressy) *Pair with Garage Jumper for
a perfect comfy stylish look.

Garage Flip Flops $10.90

Spring Wedge $49.99
(dressy look)

Bracelets and necklaces this season need to be chunky no matter what style you fit into.

American Eagle Leather Bracelet $12.50

American Eagle Hat $14.95

Pair any of these pieces together and you will have an awesome outfit for what ever it is you plan on doing!!!! So if this is your style then get shopping!!!!!!!!!
*(and remember as always leave the credit cards at home)
If this isn't you then check out the other 3 style trends on my blog all within the next couple of days!!!!!!

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