Ke$ha inspired make-up

So last night I was getting ready to wash my face, brush my teeth and go to bed until I started to look at my make-up and experiment.

Step 1: Use a black or dark brown eyeliner on the top eyelash line as well as the bottom eyelid and use a pencil to fill in the inside part of the eyelid

Step 2: Use a black or brown felt tip eyeliner to make the cheetah spots. Start from the beginning of the eyebrow and spread out towards the end of the brow. Also add your mascara at this point.(I decided to add my mascara at this stage instead of at the end because I wanted my eyeshadow to fall on top of my eyelashes to add more colour and shimmer)

Step 3: Using an eyeshadow brush gently pad on a bronze coloured eyeshadow over the eyelid and on top of the cheetah spots but be careful no to cover them.

Step 4: Using a blending brush lightly brush a shimmering gold eyeshadow over the entire cheetah printed area.

step 5: Depending on your brow colour add a darker brown shade on top of your eyebrow to enhance the look. My eyebrows are naturally very light so I used a colour about 3-4 shades darker.

You now have your Ke$ha inspired cheetah print make-up ENJOY!!!!! and please leave all and any comments.

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  1. LOVE this look, amazing makeup!
    thanks for your comment on my blog :)
    I studied fashion design at foundation in london, and now im doing Fashion buying with design at university!
    am now following :)


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