New shoes 70's style

I'm kind of late, I meant to do this post a month or two ago but here I am posting it for you guys today. For my anniversary my boyfriend didn't know what to get me so he gave me money and as any other girl would I bought shoes!!!!!!

They are super chic and also extremely comfortable (seriously I can wear them for a whole 8 hour shift at work and there is no sitting involved in what I do). They're a skinny black wedge very 70's style and omg I just live them. They are full leather with a leather cushion built into the shoe, they're just amazing, and from also!!!!


  1. LOL That is super funny he gave you money, I TOTALLY would have bought shoes too!

    P.S. haha My follow button should be on the top left, If not let me know. I am following you now too! =)

    Nicole Marie

  2. Ha..ha ..yeah but that's okay, I still obviously enjoyed the money lol.I found ur follow, and I am now following!!!!! <3

  3. The shoes look amazing, where are they from? They totally look like the LK Bennett Maddox ones!! :) xx


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