Colour!!..I NEED your opinions!!!!

Hey lovelies!!!

I am so sorry that I haven been absent and have not posted anything in so long. I have not really had much time and to be honest I have run kind of dry on inspiration about what to blog. Any feedback or ideas you all have I would really, really love to hear it. Whatever you want me to blog about, whatever you want to read. Whether it be about fashion and my outfits, makeup and tutorials, hair colour or hair care, LET ME KNOW!!!!

In the meantime....

I just got these jeans and I absolutely LOVE them. They are super stretchy and the colour, oh my gosh!!! I love colour and I love wearing colour with colour. This is how I my real jewel toned jeans, what do you think?

Jeans: Ricki's
Ruffled blouse: Ricki's
Blazer: Smart Set (really old)

Can't wait to read your feedback and I will try to post again very soon!!!

Thanks for your continued support, I love you all!!!!

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  1. Jeans are awesome ! :) write about everything what inspires you! xoxo

  2. i love the colors on you
    and lovely makeup and hair!

    New outfit post : Lately ive been into rock

  3. Well Dear I think you should blog about whatever your heart tells you. Whatever you feel comfortable with. If you don’t find something to inspire you right away that is ok, just try different thing.
    Your jeans are really cool !


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