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Hello lovelies,

I don't know about you girlies, but I love watching the "what's in my purse tag" videos on youtube. There is no telling how many I have watched. With that being said I've wanted to do the tag for a while now, but wasn't sure what the reaction of a blog style tag would be. In the last little while I have been noticing more and more bloggers taking on the trend, so here I am doing the tag!!!

guess Reiko small carryall tote in nude

What is inside...
- L.A. candy book by Lauren Conrad: I am Loving this book so far. I'm almost done reading it and cannot wait to read the second. - what is your fav. book at the moment.
- LV wallet.
- Card holder, full of different business cards and cards that I don't need everyday in my wallet.
- Inhaler for my asthma.
- Medication for my wrist when it bugs me.
- Aveeno hand lotion. I always have dry skin, but even more so during the cold Canadian winters.
- A simple prayer book. I like to keep this with me for morning prayers and you never know when you may need it.
- Pearl rosary that my boyfriends mom gave to me. I have a rosary in all of my purses.
- A pen, 'cause the only time you dont have one is the time you actually need one.
- My house keys.
- Dog spray, for nights that I am walking by myself or have to take the subway when it is dark out. All girls need something to protect themselves.
- Babylips lip balm in peach kiss.
- Stride gum in some berry flavour. Berry flavoured gum is always my favourite, or cinnamon.
- A band aid just in case.
- My samsung slll phone.
- Ipod and headphones.
- Zebra print makeup bag (I will show what is there in a different post).
-  A bath and body works coupon.

This purse looks small, but my goodness as you can see it holds a lot and I love it!!!!

What do you like to carry in your purse!!

Thanks for reading and please comment below what you want to see next on my blog!!!



  1. wow you do carry a lot in your purse :)) dog spray is also part of mine usually :)

  2. I love to see what's in purses too! And how I love Baby Lips!

    1. They're not the greatest for me, but I love the colour of this one.

  3. I love this kind of tag!

  4. Can't believe your bag can hold so much even though it looks small! I love when bags are like that :) This reminds me.. I should probably clean out my bags haha

    1. That is one thing I love about this purse!! I am the same, I have to try and clean out my purse once a week, because it forever gets filled with receipts and wrappers.

  5. LOVE that bag!! I love seeing what's inside too!


  6. You have such a nice blog! :) I enjoy reading the posts! btw I love Guess bags!
    would you like to follow each other? :)) <3
    I'm waiting for you at

    Greetings <33!!

  7. <3 Baci Lucy www.tpinkcarpet.com


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