New shoes 70's style

I'm kind of late, I meant to do this post a month or two ago but here I am posting it for you guys today. For my anniversary my boyfriend didn't know what to get me so he gave me money and as any other girl would I bought shoes!!!!!!

They are super chic and also extremely comfortable (seriously I can wear them for a whole 8 hour shift at work and there is no sitting involved in what I do). They're a skinny black wedge very 70's style and omg I just live them. They are full leather with a leather cushion built into the shoe, they're just amazing, and from also!!!!


2000!!!!! OMG!!!

OMG!!! You guys are awesome!!!! Just reached over 2000 blog views I am soooo stoked! I am so happy that you guys enjoy my blog and people are interested in my style and beauty finds. This just makes all my my blog writing and posts that much more exciting and fun for me to write.

If you really love and enjoy my posts then don't forget to comment below and of course become a fashionista (follower).


Just discovered the blogger app for apple so I am going to be able to post more frequently now YAY!!!!!! Aren't you excited, I know I am!!!!!!!


New cardi <3

Just bought this brown cardi from Ricki's ($49.50)and I love it. It's so warm and cozy!!!!!!

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