Big Announcement

Hello lovelies!!!!

I have not posted anything in the past almost 2 months for two reasons.

One: I got a new job in the beginning of October, which gives me sparatic days off.
Two: Because of the way I have been feeling most days. Some days I am just so tired that all I want to do is sleep. Others I just feel so ugh and sluggish, which ultimately results in me wanting to sleep. Naps have been a huge part of my off days lately.

By the title of this post I can only assume that you are wondering what this big announcement that I have is.

If you are close family and friends, then you may already know but, you want to see and read more.

My announcement is that.....


As of yesterday November 28th, 2013 I am officially 12 weeks pregnant!!!! And I am over the moon!!

My boyfriend and I have been together for a long, long... while and we are so happy. We weren't necessarily trying to have a baby but, we weren't exactly preventing it either. It was more of yes we want to one day and we shall just see what happens down the road. And, now the road is here. 

I suspected in September that I may be pregnant but, was not yet sure. We took a test at home and it turned out to be negative. A week later still pretty sure that I was pregnant, we decided I should go to the doctors to get a blood test. I went to the doctors on Thursday October 3rd and got an hcg blood test taken. The next day, Friday October 4th, while on my break at work, I called my doctors office for my results, not sure what to expect. Low and behold I got the amazing news that my test came back positive!!!!

I then hung up the phone and called my boyfriend right away (this is something that you cannot wait to tell your partner, at least I couldn't) to tell him the results. The smile that leaped upon my face while attempting to tell him the news was so engorged that I could barely speak a word. At first he did not believe me but, very quickly came around with excitement of his own. We then continued on to tell our parents and siblings within the next week.

We are both so very excited to be parents and keeping this a secret for the past 12 weeks, has been one of the hardest things that I have ever done. Every time I have seen a pregnant woman I want to jump for joy and share our experiences thus far together but, I had to contain myself. 

The reason that we decided to wait until our 12th week to announce the big news was simply because this is our first and my first pregnancy and we wanted to ensure that baby was growing strong and healthy before we told everyone. The chance of (God forbid) a miscarriage after 12 weeks of pregnancy is less than 1% and that makes us ecstatic parents to be!!

Now that the news is finally out there I am so relieved! We finally bought something for baby yesterday and I cannot wait until we move and get our new place (most likely in late April or early May) and I can decorate little cupcake's room. Also, finding out the gender will be huge, because then we can buy gender and colour specific items. No more gender neutral stuff YAY!!!

As well, so you all know my EDD is June 12th, but many people say that your first usually comes earlier, especially if you are of a small frame. I am somewhat tall at 5'8" and pretty slender, which can also be another sign for an earlier delivery. I personally do not mind if baby were to come around 36 or 37 weeks instead, as long as it is because cupcake is ready to greet the world. I just want to see my baby he...he..

Well, I don't want to turn this post into a chapter of a novel, so I shall bid a due to all of you!!! 

Please post any questions or comments below so I can answer/read everything that you all have to say. I will be doing a post every week or two to update you all on my journey and you can also check out my new tab "My Pregnancy Journey"  for quick picture updates of baby's ultrasounds and my baby bump!!!

I will also be getting back into my regular fashion and beauty posts very soon. I have several different posts that I want to share with you all soon!!

Thank you so much to everyone reading this post, it means the world to me that you are following along on my journey with me!!!!


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