Broadway & Kiss Nail designs

Hello lovelies,

I recently got a package in the mail fr Influenster Canada including two different sets of nail designs. I love anything that is easy to do and offers a polished look all at the same time and that is exactly what both of these sets offer. 

The first is a press on nail design from Broadway Nails - Media Darling
To start the colour is a gorgeous hot pink and can go with almost any look. They are a medium length and the package has several different nail sizes, making them a perfect for anyone. Inside the package there is also a prep wipe to get your nails ready for the press-ons. The thing I love most about these nails is how effortless they are and how amazing they look. 

Don't have time for a salon trip? Forgo the salon and buy these instead!!! It only takes a few minutes to apply them and then you are set for however long you want to wear them (recommend time is one week). Everyone will think that you got your nails done professionally, because they look that good!  If you only plan on wearing them for one day or a few hours for a special occasion, then you can totally reuse them, just keep the plastic backing. 

The second set in the package is from Kiss - Double Lutz
This set is great for a classic French tip; a classic bejeweled Fremch at that. The best part about this French tip is that you don't have to worry about only one hand looking good when doing them yourself, because they are stickers!!! No more shacky lopsided French tips on your opposite hand. The set includes 22 stickers and you can choose if you want a thin or thicker tip. When applying the stickers you can also cut and reshape them to fit your nails perfectly. 

If you want to up amp up your style even more you can paint your nails a different colour before the application or place them on top of your press-on nails. Below I cut the jewels off and placed them on the bottom of my press-on nail from Broadway nails and made a half moon design. 

Depending on how often you get your nails wet and for how long, the press-ons can last for up to 10 days and th stickers for up to 7. I have a new baby, so I am constantly washing my hands a million times a day making the sticker last me four days before they started to peel at the top (it looks just like chipped polish). Four days for me is still a long time and ai was actually surprised they lasted as long as they did. 

 These styles are so versatile and easy, that you will never have to go to a salon again (or you can at least spread out your visits). The stickers and press-ons will also keep your nails looking and feeling a lot healthier than constant salon trips, that can reek habit on your nails. 

Both retail for under $10 at select drugstores and department stores. 

Would you or will you be trying out any of the above styles?

If you've tried out either brand before let me know your thoughts below!!!

Until next time....



Falling for Neutrals - ootd

Hello lovelies,

Neutrals are the easiest things to wear and they can easily go with anything and everything.  With this look I have paired two natural pieces with like colours together. I also added a little bit of volume on the top half of my outfit with a loose fitting blouse.  Being a mom now means I can't go all out with my accessories, so I kept it simple with a pair of pearls and a cuff bracelet.

Top: Ricki's (old)
Jeans: Dynamite (old)
Pearls: DIY
Cuff: forever21

As you can see my little girl also had a cameo with me in my pictures!!! Everytime she sees a camera the girl gets excited and always poses, she is definitely her mamas baby!!!

Look out for my post with Brodway and Kiss Nails coming in next couple of days.


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