Fashionable Activewear

Are you in a rut trying to find work out clothes that don't look like plain old work out attire? Don't you want to look good while working out? If you answered yes to either of these questions then look no further than Titika Canada Inc.

"Titika offers fashion forward active-wear clothing that is easily incorporated into everyday life.... Wear Titika while seeking you're favourite endorphin rush whether it be yoga, dancing, cycling, or anything else that gets you moving to the rhythm of life!"

"Titika...Active wear with a purpose..."

Titika is for every woman in every facet of life. Whether you work out on a regular basis, you need a new wardrobe for your new life or if you just want comfortable flattering clothes that you can wear everyday. Titika has come up with a simple equation to break down how to easily incorporate Titika into everyday life.

Fashion x Active wear = Style!!!

Titika's sizes range from size 0 up to size 18 which makes it easy to be stylish and comfortable at any size. The garments at Titika are "designed to accentuate the natural curves that you were born with." Their special tailoring creates a flattering fit that reveals everyone's true side; happiness. When you look good you feel good and others around you feel good.

Titika uses industry leading fabrics to create superior quality garments such as coolmax, supplex and lycra. Watch this video for more info on the three fabrics.

Now I know what you're all thinking where can you get Titika and how much does it cost. Titika has two locations one at 2012 Queen st. In the beaches and another in Oakville. If you can't make it to either of these two locations fear not, the Titika brand is also sold at Sporting Life. You can pick up your Titika outfits at their Yonge and Eglinton location as well as their Sherway Gardens location.

Titika offers everything from sports bras to shorts, winter jackets to skirts,as well as cute cardigans and cover ups. You name it Titika has it.
Tops $28.00+
Shorts $38.00+
Pants $50.00+
Work out bags $78.00+

Titika always offers great deals and promos on their clothes (sometimes free stuff as well). If you want superior quality and styles you won't find anywhere else at amazing prices then put yourself in the hands of Titika and start your life's journey off feeling confident and looking fab-u-lous.
Titika is a new Canadian based company - with their head office located in Toronto - that was founded by two women that both graduated from George Brown College's Fashion program two years ago.
"You can feel peace knowing that Titika's garments are of superior quality..Our technical skills and advanced manufacturing abilities have enabled us to create a product that is exceptional in all aspects of apparel. Titika's clothing is in a constant state of evolution and is designed in Canada. We attempt to exceed customer expectations by continually offering impeccable quality garments that you can wear with pride"

I just started working for this company at the beaches location and I must admit that I personally love the clothes and the owners are the sweetest two girls ever. I am so excited to share all of this with you. I hope you all come to love Titika as much as I and many others do!

To check out what else they have to offer go to their website at www.titika.ca. Here are a few other videos you can check out as well.

I would love to hear any comments or questions any of you may have about the [color=#00ff00]Titika. Please post below.
P.S. We are having a 19+ party at our store this weekend Sunday July 18th from 5-9pm if anyone one is interested. We will be offering 20% off all regular priced items, free food and drinks(there will be alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages) smoothie bars, goodie bags, games and prizes as well as free Nia(a mix of yoga and dance) dance instructors. It will be a lot of fun if any of you ladies are interested call this number and R.S.V.P by Saturday July 17th (416)693-1688.


Spring/Summer Fashion Style Trend #3

(sorry for the long delay in getting this blog out I have been so0o0o0o busy lately but none the less here it is ENJOY and leave COMMENTS)

Spring/Summer Style Trend #3
The Southern Trend

The coulors for this trend are soft and light(but don't be afraid to be bold). Ditsy flower prints are really popular as well as ruffles and denim. Cotton is the main fabric choice when going for the southern style trend, it's soft and light and super comfortable. When dressing for a southern look always think GIRLY!!!

Denim skirts and shorts are always popular every year and fit perfectly in the southern trend depending on what you wear them with. Flouncy embellished skirts in light colours and fabrics are a key item for this trend

Garage skirt $15.00

American Eagle Denim Shorts $34.50

Dresses can go two different ways here. You can have the short and really girly ditsy prints or the long soft and elegant dresses with sequins and embelishments.

Forever 21 Ditsy Flower Dress $29.90

American Eagle Dropped waist Dress $39.50

*Pair either dress with a light coloured denim jacket and wedges or cow boy boots for a laid back southern look

With tops go very light in terms of material and think girly.

Garage Embellished Tank $15.00

American Eagle Disty Tank $19.95

Sirens Denim Vest (price unknown)

Garage Denim Jacket $44.90

Be minimal with your accesorries you don't want to go overboard. The southern trend is all about being girly yet laid back and comfortable. If you plan to wear really embellished earrings or a necklace then tone it down a bit with minimal embellishment everywhere else or vice versa.

Garage Butterfly Earrings $5.90

Garage Earrings $7.90

Forever21 Bracelet $6.80

Forever21 Ring $6.80

Urban Outfitters Necklace $34.00

Garage Belt $16.90

American Eagle Hat $19.95

American Eagle Sandals $19.99

Spring Boots $69.99

Pair any of these items together and you will have a chik and fabulous southern outfit. And remember to leave the credit cards at home as always!!!!


Spring/Summer 2010 Style Trend #2 60's Boho

The sixties in my opinion have always been one of the most influential decades for fashion and this stays true because
many things that you find in stores today are 60's inspired

60's colour trends this season are mainly pastels such as pink, blue, purple, yellows as well as orange and some green hues as well.
The fabrics for this trend are very soft and light, a lot of popular fabrics you'll see in the stores include chiffon's, twill's, cottons, as well
as jersey knits.



High waisted skirts were and continue to be a fav item of the 60's. This season you can find them in so many different prints, colours
and styles. ow we can't forgot the short shorts which is the baby of the 60's. The distressed look is still in and yes that means
distressed short shorts. If distressed isn't your look than you can always opt for twill plaids which are also making a come
back this season.
Urban Planet High Waisted Skirt $14.99

Urban Outfitters Distressed Shorts $28.00

Hollister Plaid Twill's $24.89

One-Piece and Dresses

Jumpers/Onesie/rompers were always a popular item from the 60's and of course we still love them today, and the good thing
about now is that you can find them is so many different colours and fabrics too.
Dynamite Jumper $36.90

This season you can find colour block dresses, printed dresses, and paneled/tiered dresses too. Dresses are fun, you can make them
casual or dressy depending on how you accessorize!!!!!!!!!
Sirens 60's dress (price unknown)
*pair with pumps for a modern
night out look!!!

American Eagle Tiered Dress $34.95


60's tops are very flouncy, and flowy (think Austin powers the spy who shagged me) and bohemian like. There's lots of prints and
colour in the tops. Vests are the way to go when looking for something to put over a top or to finish an outfit.

Sirens 60's top (price unknown)
*pair with a bandeau underneath,
distresses shorts and gladiator
sandals for a modern 60's look!!!

*my fav!!!!!!!(getting it tomorrow!!!!!)
American Eagle Cami $29.50

American Eagle (Shaggadelic) Vest $49.50


When thinking of how to accessorize a 60's outfit or how to add a little 60's to your outfit think bohemian. Go big or go home is
the way to go. You want chunky bracelets, chunky necklaces, rings and earrings.

Garage Three Set Earrings $7.90

Ardene Bracelets $6.99

Forever 21 Bracelet $6.80

American Eagle Cocktail Ring $15.50

Forever 21 Sunglasses $6.80

American Eagle Floppy Hat $19.95


When looking for shoes to go with your 60's outfit look for some that will balance everything out but still has some bohemian

Ardene Sandals $19.99

Forever 21 Gladiator Sandal $22.80

Spring Wedges $49.99

Think daisy prints and stripes in bandeau or halters.

Garage Bikini Top and Bottom $18.90 each

Forever 21 Bikini Top $12.80 Bottom $11.80

If this is your style then what are you waiting for get out there and start shopping(at least try a few of these awsome finds on) and as always leave the credit cards at home!!!!!

*Not your style?¿? Then check tomorrow's blog for Spring/Summer 2010 Style Trend #3 it could be yours!!!!


Spring/Summer 2010 Style Trend #1

Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2010

From what I see there are four different style trends for this Spring/Summer. There is the army/cargo trend, the 60's jumper trend, the southern trend as well as the signature California trend.

Now let's cover each one individually.

The Army/Cargo Style

The colours for this style include green, khakiand neutrals such as light brown, light to medium grey hues, and of course white.


The ever popular item that comes back every year is the cargo capri. This year you can find them in an assortment of colours ranging from white to green
and black to brown. You can find them in a casual fit as well as something more appropriate for going out in.

Urban Planet Cargo 12.48

American Eagle Linen Harem Cargo 29.95
(slightly dressy)


Now this trend is a mix between two different styles. The 60's and the army/cargo. Jumpers/Rompers/Onesie whatever you call it this is a popular trend for this
season. Now the reason I say this could be a mix is because of the different fabrics and colours you can find them in. For this particular jumper I would have to
classify it as the army/cargo trend because of the colour and fabric, it's light and easy to wear.

Garage Jumper $29.90


Cardigans are popular with every season. For this season you don't want them to heavy of course but you want them to keep you warm at night time if you're up
at the cottage, hanging at the park or just lounging at the. Jersey blend are perfect 'cause they do both for you. This season sleeveless with ties and button ups
are very popular.

Urban Planet Cardi $16.99
*Pair with AE Harem cargo, a tank and
wedges for a dressy sophistacted look.

Garage Cardi $14.90

American Eagle Tank $10.00


Flip flops are always popular and always in for spring and summer. Now with the army/cargo style you can dress it up or go casual with your flip flops. Gladiators are still in so they are a good to dress up your outfit a bit or you could go with a sexy wedge.

American Eagle Gladiators $29.50
(dressy) *Pair with Garage Jumper for
a perfect comfy stylish look.

Garage Flip Flops $10.90

Spring Wedge $49.99
(dressy look)

Bracelets and necklaces this season need to be chunky no matter what style you fit into.

American Eagle Leather Bracelet $12.50

American Eagle Hat $14.95

Pair any of these pieces together and you will have an awesome outfit for what ever it is you plan on doing!!!! So if this is your style then get shopping!!!!!!!!!
*(and remember as always leave the credit cards at home)
If this isn't you then check out the other 3 style trends on my blog all within the next couple of days!!!!!!


Lg Fashion Week - Preloved Fall/Winter 2010

For those of you who don't know Preloved is a line that turns something old into something new. They use old fabrics to create new garments. This years Preloved show looked like it was three-o-clock at an all girls catholic highschool. There were plaids and printed knee high socks all over the place. One thing that I loved about this collection was that the designers were not afraid to use colour. Usually when it comes to fall/winter collections the colours are kind of dull and boring but not this year. There were lots of pinks and purples and blues and even some yellows and greens all mixed together in different panels on different garments. Of course it is still winter so yes there were also the common neutrals such as beige, brown, and grey hints too. The fabrics used on the runway stayed true to the typical fall/winter fabrics. So we saw lots of knits, wovens and also some leather. The silhouettes of the garments were quite simple and included several a-line skirts and dresses as well as pencil skirts and even some knit shorts. The outfits were definitely items I could see people wearing for the upcoming season with some exceptions such as the shorts and that one piece short jumpsuit. Canada is just a tad too chilly for those items. But of course it doesn't mean people wouldn't wear them, there are still those fashionistas who will sacrifice fashion for warmth and kudos to them, 'cause I would freeze. One piece from this collection that I cannot wait to get my hands on is the paneled leather jacket towards the end of the show, I have to have it. Loved the show and can't wait until next season!


Plus Sized Models

The models that we see on the catwalks and in print ads have always been generally thin, but now we are starting to see more and more curvier and fuller figured models all around the world. Recently certain countries such as Spain have banned models off of the catwalks with a BMI(Body Mass Index) under 18 which has turned away at least almost 30% of the models that used to participate in runway shows. This past week at Toronto's LG Fashion week the Joe Fresh show featured plus sized model Crystal Renn who at he beginning of her modeling career was told she needed to lose 50 lbs and drop 10 inches off of her 43" waist to be successful at the tender age of 14. After suffering from Anorexia Crystal said no more and just wanted to be herself. She wanted to do what she wanted to do. Well, staying true to herself and her beliefs definitely worked wonders for her because Crystal Renn is everywhere. She has been on the cover of Italian Elle, American Vogue and even Italian Vogue. And she can thank Ford models for giving her the opportunity to be a plus sized model instead of trying to mold her into something she clearly was not.

With all of that being said about plus sized models finally being seen as serious models how does this affect the sample size 2,4 & 6 models with measurements ranging from 221/2" waists and 32" hips to 261/2" waists and 36" hips. Of course they will always be on the runways and magazine covers and it is ultimately the designers choice who they book for their shows, but with the ban on models under a certain weight happening in Spain it has caused issues all over the world. "Not all models are Anorexic, sick and have body image problems. There are a small percentage of women who are the size of the "ideal" catwalkers, naturally. As much as overweight individuals should never be discriminated against because of their size, so too should people who are naturally thin not be excluded. London has said that they are not going to follow in Spain's footsteps in banning "skinny" models off of the runways. They believe that it is the designers choice to do what they please in terms of who they book for their shows, and that it is not the countries place to put any restrictions on them.

But how far will certain countries go to try to prove a point? I personally believe that it is unfair to judge people based on the way that they look. Of course I do still believe that anorexic or super skinny models with their bones popping out should not be on the runway, because it does promote an unhealthy lifestyle and something should be done about that. But you can still have a BMI under 18 and be healthy without being anorexic. I myself have a BMI of 17 and have always been told by the doctors that I am under weight, but there is nothing I can do about it, that is just how my body is. Some people are naturally thin and others naturally curvy but still healthy. With that being said don't ever try to be something that you are not. Eating disorders are a serious issue among young girls all round the world and the fact that we are now starting to see a variety of model types I think and hope that it will help us all realize that we should love ourselves for who we are and never try to be something that we are not. As long as you are healthy and you love your body then be like Tyra Banks and say to anyone who tells you you're not good enough "You can kiss my healthy and still fat(or skinny) butt!!!!"


Thanks for reading what I had to say, and I would love to hear what all of you think about this issue too, so please post any comments you have below. Thanks!

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