Size 2 or Size 12

Crystal Renn has for the most of her career been known as a plus sized model. Early on in her career she felt the pressure from agencies as well as the media to be very small. At the young and tender age of 14 when she was discovered by Ford models she was told she needed to lose weight to be successful and she became anorexic weighing only 95lbs.

Through out her career she said forget this and became who she really was a beautiful confident size 12 woman. She modeled all over the world and was all over magazines and cat walks.

Crystal Renn releases a book about her trials and tribulations of the modeling world entitled "Hungry: A young model's story of appetite, ambition and the ultimate embrace of curves" After her book came out year after year she started to slim down. She originally stated that at a size 12 she was healthy and liked her image. Becoming smaller she contradicted herself saying that she did it to be healthy.

Here is a before and after of her modeling career from the beginning to her peak.

Crystal Renn now modeling for Jimmy Choo

Which Crystal Renn look do you prefer before weight loss or after?


New Make-up & Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!!!!!!

I had a great day!!!!
I had my first official day back at work after going from job to job for like 2 months and it went very well. To make my day even better (since it is Valentine's day) my boyfriend cooked me the best dinner ever and we had a tad too much to drink. What else could I have asked for...nothing.

Here is my new make-up look for you all to try and enjoy!!!!

Purple smokey eye

Step 1:
The first thing I like to do is put on concealer. When I use concealer I usually put it all over my face to give myself a clean and even palette to work with. I mainly concentrate on under the eyes, my chin, under my nose, as well as on my nose and on my eyelids. *I use maybelline pure make-up it's a water based concealer (it's kind of old I'm not sure if it's still in stores but I got mine at Shoppers Drug Mart)

Step 2:
The next thing I do is put on my foundation and once again I put this all overmy face not really focusing on any spots in particular *I use and have been using for the past 6 years because I love it so much is L'OREAL True Match Natural Gentle Mineral. I love this foundation because it gives the best coverage without looking like it's caked on and it's also really light.

Step 3:
The next step I take when doing my make-up is adding bronzer. I use Rimmel sunshimmer 3 in 1 shimmering bronzer. I first apply bonzer to my cheek bones and for this step I mix the two darker colours of the bronzer and then blend after application. I also put bronzer (the lightest and middle colour) on my jaw line, across my chin, on the contours of my nose, as well as on my forehead and once again blend. For this step I use a flat ended contouring brush.

Step 4:
Add blush on top of cheek bones (depending on the look I'm going for I may skip this step sometimes). To further enhance the cheek bones I sometimes like to add blush and the blush I use is Maybelline dream mousse blush colour 40 soft plum. For this step use a regular blush brush.

Step 5:
Eye shadow. I first use a bright purple on my eyelids. Then I add a darker shimmering purple(you can also use a grey shimmering shadow) to the outside corner of my eyelid and brush it over the top of my eyelid with a smudge brush(the smudge brush is your best-friend when it comes to smokey eyes)

Step 6:
Eyeliner. I use NYX felt tip liner on my top eyelid as well as on the outside edge of my lower eyelashes. For my inner eyelid I use a black kohl eyeliner.

Step 7:
Mascara. My fav mascaras of the moment are Sephora brand (with a curl ended brush) as well as Smashbox Hyperlash. The Sephora mascara is great for definition and curl while the Smashbox mascara is really good for lash separation( I usually brush the mascara brush bush off with tissue first to avoid clumping on the lashes).

Step 7: Add white shadow under the eyebrow and above the shadow to highlight brow bone. I also put white shadow on the inner corners of my eye as well as the outside. This step helps to open up and enhance your eyes.

Step 8:
Add brow powder/shadow/pencil over the eyebrow. This step can be left out if you have darker eyebrows but because mine are so light I have to do this step in order to make them fully visible at all angles (ha...ha..ha...)

Step 9:
Lip colour. For my lips I always like to star off with blistex because it helps to soften the lips without adding any colour. Now with this look I used a pale pink gloss that I got a Jacob to finish to my look but you can use any brand just find hte colour that you like and that works with your skintone.

Now you are all done!!!!
I hope you liked my little somewhat tutorial and you all try this at home!!!!!!!!

I will not be making videos for my tutorials but for the next make-up tutorial I do I will show step by step pictures to make it easier to follow!!!!

Happy Valentines Day to you all and I hope you had a good one!!!!!!




Ke$ha inspired make-up

So last night I was getting ready to wash my face, brush my teeth and go to bed until I started to look at my make-up and experiment.

Step 1: Use a black or dark brown eyeliner on the top eyelash line as well as the bottom eyelid and use a pencil to fill in the inside part of the eyelid

Step 2: Use a black or brown felt tip eyeliner to make the cheetah spots. Start from the beginning of the eyebrow and spread out towards the end of the brow. Also add your mascara at this point.(I decided to add my mascara at this stage instead of at the end because I wanted my eyeshadow to fall on top of my eyelashes to add more colour and shimmer)

Step 3: Using an eyeshadow brush gently pad on a bronze coloured eyeshadow over the eyelid and on top of the cheetah spots but be careful no to cover them.

Step 4: Using a blending brush lightly brush a shimmering gold eyeshadow over the entire cheetah printed area.

step 5: Depending on your brow colour add a darker brown shade on top of your eyebrow to enhance the look. My eyebrows are naturally very light so I used a colour about 3-4 shades darker.

You now have your Ke$ha inspired cheetah print make-up ENJOY!!!!! and please leave all and any comments.

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