Product Review: Joico colour endure purple shampoo and conditioner

If you have read my "Christmas Gifts" post then you would know that I got the Joico colour endure purple shampoo and conditioner for Christmas and this post will be my review on how this products works.

So as you all know I recently dyed my hair blonde and I have been wanting to get rid of some of my brassy tones and make my hair more of an ashy tone. So the shampoo is very purple when you open it and the conditioner is more of a lavender colour. The purpose of these two products (mainly the shampoo) is for the purple colour of the shampoo "to tone and maintain blonde or grey hair by neutralizing brassy or yellow tones" and I noticed a difference in my hair colour after my very first use. Neither product my hair dry or damaged at all which I have heard some purple shampoos do, the conditioner was actually really thick and nourishing. After using these two products my hair was healthy and soft as it usually is which made me happy. Because of this I decided to wash my hair with these two products again the next day leaving the product on for 10min instead of 5 like the first time (even though you are only suppose to use them once a week) and the results were even more noticeable then the first time. The brassy tones were much toned down and it made my hair colour look a lot more natural. I plan on continuing to do this process at least once every week or two and as the difference in colour becomes proggesivley more noticeable I will continue to share my experience with you all.

To anyone wanting to try out purple shampoo I definitely recommend this product, it is bit more pricey but totally worth it because it's so gentle and will not ruin your hair.

I give the Joico colour endure purple shampoo and conditioner 10/10.
Below is a bad lighting picture of my hair colour now (the bassyness is not as noticeable in the picture nor is it as noticeable to anyone but me either, so I'm not sure if you can notice it) after using the shampoo and conditioner. I will add another picture tomorrow to this post that is of better quality so you can see the colour better (because my hair does not look that red in real life).

I hope you all enjoyed my review and that it may be helpful to you in the future. Thanks for reading!!!!



Christmas gifts!!!

I was definitely on Santa's nice list this year, because I got everything I asked for and then some. What I really wanted was purple shampoo and conditioner for my hair and this pink jacket I saw at dynamite. I got both!!!
My boyfriend bought me my silver dress and the jacket. He also got me my earrings (first hole) that came with 2 pairs, which I love (I've been in need for matching earrings for quite some time). The joico shampoo was from my brother and the wine glasses from my dad. My boyfriends aunt and uncle bought me my MAC makeup, there is a lip gloss, an eye shadow as well as eyeliner (totally unexpected gift). I also got another gift from one of my boyfriends aunts, the gorgeous bracelet that you see she made herself. That was one of the sweetest gifts I got and I love it. Money was another gift I also got and some stocking stuffers like my moisturizer and chocolate mmmm.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and that you all got to be with you families this weekend!!!



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone, may God please you all and your families on this most sacred of days! I hope you all made Santa's nice list and that he was good to you this year. Also that you all had enough food to last you through the next week, I know I did!!! I will do a post tomorrow on all of my gifts from today.

Here is a sneak peek (of my Christmas outfit and gifts, the jacket is actually pink but looks red on my iPod)



Happy Christmas Eve & more photo app fun!!!!

Christmas Eve is here and I am so excited!!!! On Christmas Eve we celebrate at my boyfriends sister's house with her his mom and nephew. We eat dinner go to mass and come back to open gifts!!!! Then on Christmas day we are having my dad and brother over for breakfast and to open gifts together. Later on in the day we are going to my cousins and then my boyfriends cousins both for dinner. We have a very eventful Christmas weekend so now I need to start getting ready!!!!

Hope you all have a great Christmas Eve!!!!

More photo app fun......



Photo editing app fun!!!!

Just discovered this new photo editor app befunky fx and it's free!!!! So I thought I would have a little fun....

What do you think?!?!



New hair preview

I just got my hair cut and dyed today, here's a preview before I get some pics taken for a real post!!

What do you think?



My fav winter accessory!!!

My all time favourite winter accessory is my faux fur winter hat. I call it my Russian hat, because I'm part Russian and my boyfriend thinks it makes me look more Russian when I wear it.

The hat was super cheap, only $20CAD at Claire's accessories and I have it for three years now!! I love the color because it goes with every coat I wear and I think the pom poms are too cute.

What is your favourite winter accessory?
Can't wait to see your responses!!!



A sporty winter

This was my outfit for a quick run to the grocery store ( I didn't actually run we drove, there is no need to workout more than I have to lol).

Tights - garage
Leg warmers - arden
Jacket - titika activewear
Scarf - H&M
Boots (not worn it pic)- call it spring

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