How NOT to do your Makeup for the Holidays

Hello lovelies,

The holidays are officially here and most of us have packed schedules with party after party to attend. Getting ready for a holiday party takes a lot more work than a regular party. You are going  to see your entire family, friends that you haven't  seen in a while or all of your co-workers in one room. Seeing all of these people we of course want to look our absolute best and different than we normally do.

For all of us ladies doing our makeup for a special occasion can take forever, at least longer than normal. This post is mostly for fun, as I would never step out of my house looking like this. In this post I have also included some major tips to help save anyone from a makeup mishap for anytime of the year.

- Do wear colour and have fun with it.
- Do NOT wear a bold colour on your eyes, lips and cheeks. Pick ONE feature to be your main focus.
- Do fill in your eyebrows to add more depth to your face and make your eyes open up.
- Do NOT over fill in your brows, this can literally make you look crazy!! Do follow  your natural arch and fill in any sparse  areas.
- Do contour your face and add bronzer or a cream concealer in a shade that is two shades darker than your foundation.
- Do NOT pick a shade that is more than two shades darker than your foundation or it will look unnatural and muddy.
- Do wear false lashes or a volumizing mascara to make your eyes appear wider and pull your entire look together.
- Do NOT wear lashes that are too dramatic, especially if you already have a bold eye look going on - you don't want to hide the masterpiece that you just  created on your lids. You also don't  want to look like you have a critter hanging over your eyes.
- Do wear glitter and a highlighter to beighten up your face and help add dimension.
- Do NOT wear a highlighter that is too light for your complexion and Do NOT dip your face in glitter.

I hope that you may have gotten a laugh from this post and also some helpful tips!!!

Have an amazing holiday everyone and Merry Christmas!!!!



Broadway & Kiss Nail designs

Hello lovelies,

I recently got a package in the mail fr Influenster Canada including two different sets of nail designs. I love anything that is easy to do and offers a polished look all at the same time and that is exactly what both of these sets offer. 

The first is a press on nail design from Broadway Nails - Media Darling
To start the colour is a gorgeous hot pink and can go with almost any look. They are a medium length and the package has several different nail sizes, making them a perfect for anyone. Inside the package there is also a prep wipe to get your nails ready for the press-ons. The thing I love most about these nails is how effortless they are and how amazing they look. 

Don't have time for a salon trip? Forgo the salon and buy these instead!!! It only takes a few minutes to apply them and then you are set for however long you want to wear them (recommend time is one week). Everyone will think that you got your nails done professionally, because they look that good!  If you only plan on wearing them for one day or a few hours for a special occasion, then you can totally reuse them, just keep the plastic backing. 

The second set in the package is from Kiss - Double Lutz
This set is great for a classic French tip; a classic bejeweled Fremch at that. The best part about this French tip is that you don't have to worry about only one hand looking good when doing them yourself, because they are stickers!!! No more shacky lopsided French tips on your opposite hand. The set includes 22 stickers and you can choose if you want a thin or thicker tip. When applying the stickers you can also cut and reshape them to fit your nails perfectly. 

If you want to up amp up your style even more you can paint your nails a different colour before the application or place them on top of your press-on nails. Below I cut the jewels off and placed them on the bottom of my press-on nail from Broadway nails and made a half moon design. 

Depending on how often you get your nails wet and for how long, the press-ons can last for up to 10 days and th stickers for up to 7. I have a new baby, so I am constantly washing my hands a million times a day making the sticker last me four days before they started to peel at the top (it looks just like chipped polish). Four days for me is still a long time and ai was actually surprised they lasted as long as they did. 

 These styles are so versatile and easy, that you will never have to go to a salon again (or you can at least spread out your visits). The stickers and press-ons will also keep your nails looking and feeling a lot healthier than constant salon trips, that can reek habit on your nails. 

Both retail for under $10 at select drugstores and department stores. 

Would you or will you be trying out any of the above styles?

If you've tried out either brand before let me know your thoughts below!!!

Until next time....



Falling for Neutrals - ootd

Hello lovelies,

Neutrals are the easiest things to wear and they can easily go with anything and everything.  With this look I have paired two natural pieces with like colours together. I also added a little bit of volume on the top half of my outfit with a loose fitting blouse.  Being a mom now means I can't go all out with my accessories, so I kept it simple with a pair of pearls and a cuff bracelet.

Top: Ricki's (old)
Jeans: Dynamite (old)
Pearls: DIY
Cuff: forever21

As you can see my little girl also had a cameo with me in my pictures!!! Everytime she sees a camera the girl gets excited and always poses, she is definitely her mamas baby!!!

Look out for my post with Brodway and Kiss Nails coming in next couple of days.



Mommy Ootd

Hello lovelies,

It has been a long while since I last posted an ootd. As most of you will know, I recently had a baby and she literally takes up all of my time. Whenever my fiancé and I get to go out, it is typically with our little girl and most of the time are outings are to the grocery store or Target/ Wal-Mart for baby stuff.

When we do go out I still try to dress like me, because I don't want to lose my personality or style. I've always been a scarf lover and not only are scarves a fashion piece, but now they also serve as a functional item to cover me and my girl up if I have to nurse her while we're out. So, you will most always see me wearing a scarf now instead of a necklace (also because she grabs and pulls on everything, so necklaces and dangling earrings for a while).

Here is one of my latest outfits.

Chanel inspired tee - Ricki's
Blazer - H&M
Jeans - Smart Set
Scarf - Ricki's

Until next time....



Minimal Statement - Outfit

Hello lovelies,

Are you heading out to dinner after work, or do you need an outfit for an event? Here is the perfect look.

When shopping for a Fall wardrobe, there are some basics that every woman needs, including a classic white dress. The dress I chose for this look is a basic shift dress with an embellished collar, making your jewelry choices that much easier.

Another piece that we all need is a coloured blazer. A coloured blazer is great for every season and this Fall the colours are navy and burgundy. I chose a burgundy blazer for this look as the statement piece to give a more fashion forward look.

When wearing an outfit with a clothing item as the statement piece, tone everything else down by adding neutral pieces like I did with the purse and jewelry.

Shift dress - Dynamite
Blazer - Smart Set
Two toned pumps - Aldo 
Tote - Dynamite
Earrings - Aldo
Watch - Aldo 

Would you wear this look?

Until next time....



Classic layers

Hello lovelies,

Fall is all about layering different textures and patterns and when doing so I love to look great and also feel warm and cozy and I have the perfect outfit for that. Whether you are heading out to lunch or to work you can easily tweak this look to suit your needs.
When transitioning to Fall I love neutrals, because they make your look appear as of you spent a lot time getting ready, when really you just threw everything together last minute - at least that's usually my case.

A perfect polish for Fall if you don't want anything too dark or bold:
Nail Polish in Malala - Julep
An easy to wear top that goes with practically everything:
Printed sleeveless tunic - Dynamite
A statement piece that is so comfy and cozy:
Long open cardigan - Dynamite
Black jeans need no explanation:
Levi jeans - Aritzia     
A comfy and stlyish bootie that helps to pull the whole look together:
Disantis bootie - Aldo
A classic tote for any occasion:
Michael Kors Saffiano leather tote 
A scarf to add a touch of colour:
Scarf - Ardene
Would you wear this look?
What are your favourite go to pieces for fall?


Fall Trends - 2014

Hello lovelies,

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing colours and everyone is dressing in layers. It is finally Fall!!!! There is something about the coolness in the air and the fresh crisp smell of Fall that I have always loved.
I have been on maternity leave for the past few months and to be honest, shopping is unfortunately not very high on my list at the moment. But, that doesn't mean that I am not furiously scouring my favourite stores online collections, because I totally am!!!

Here is the first outfit that I have put together with some of my fav pieces from my fav stores.

- Salinger Blouse from Sunday best - Aritzia $60
- Faux leather Perfecto Jacket -Dynamite $69.90             
- Guess jeans in silver $78.98 
- Sigiletto bootie - Aldo $99.98   

This would be the perfect look for an evening out to dinner or hitting the town with the girls!!

More outfits to come through out the week!! What Fall pieces are you loving right now?!?!



CLOSED - International Giveaway with SpookyEyes

Hello lovelies,

SpookyEyes and etailPR have given me the opportunity to host another giveaway for all of you and this time it is worldwide!!!

SpookyEyes has an array of contacts with different styles and colours to choose from. They  have natural colours like blue and brown and even crazy styles like cat eyes and anything you'd want to go with your costume for Halloween. The contacts are non prescription and FDA approved, so anyone can wear them.

Contest Rules:
- Giveaway is open Tuesday Sept 23rd - Monday Sept 28th.
- Go to the SpookyEyes website and pick any two styles that you would like to win and comment below with the links anfmd your email.
- Must be 18 or older, or have permission from your parents to enter and give out your mailing address.
- You can live anywhere in the world.
- Follow my blog using GFC or bloglovin'(not mandatory, but you will be notified of upcoming posts and future giveaways!

Below are a few styles you can find on the website.

Good luck everyone!!

The winner is arianne!!! Check your email!



Schick Intuition Reviews and Winner

Hello lovelies,

The winner of the $100 Visa gift card is....

Cathy K


Here is what you all thought of the new Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture Razor, aka my favourite razor of all time!

Cathy K:
Love this razor!  I have been using the razor for almost a week and I am loving the results.  I often have dry and irritated skin after shaving and to my delight my skin has been soft and hydrated after using my Schick Intuition Razor.  The ribbons of moisture allow for a quick and outstanding job! I love that the razor comes with an attachment to keep it stored neatly in the shower.  It's a great addition to have an extra cartridge in a plastic case to make it so convenient when needing a quick touch up/refill while on vacation and/or leaving the gym.  I have been highly recommending the razor to everyone I know.  Thank you!

Angie M:
I recently received the new Schick intuition advanced moisture razor to try and review. Before I tried the razor I noticed the beautiful scent of shea and you could see the ribbons of moisturizer . It also came with a hook so you could keep it in the showerand out of childrens reach, which I loved and worked great. I also noticed that it came with two razor cartridge. I loved that you only need to wet the razor and that you did not need a shaving cream.It was a very smooth shave ,with no cuts or razor burn. My skin felt so soft after shaving like I already had lotion on. 

Amy M:
The first thing I noticed about the Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture Razor was its size.  The razor is much larger than my usual razor, both in the handle and the head.  Despite its larger size, this razor felt comfortable in my hands and I appreciated the rubber grips on the handle to give me greater control of the razor.  The shea butter shave bar smelt wonderful, a fresh and clean scent.  While shaving with this razor I just wet it in the shower and proceeded to shave.  The shave bar lathered up and eliminated the need for a shave gel.  I was leary about getting a close shave as I felt the shave bars would prevent a close shave. However I was quite surprised that I got a close, comfortable shave.  My legs felt soft, moisturized and were hair-free.  I was quite impressed with this razor and would definitely recommend it to others to try.

Brenda P:
Thank you for giving me the chance to try the new Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture razor.  I had a chance to try it last night and I loved the close shave I got from it.  I love the rubber grip on the handle of the razor, it makes it easy to handle.  My legs were left feeling soft and smooth and I was left with a nice, sweet shea butter scent.  The only downsides was that due to the size, I found it a little difficult to do around bony contours like my knees and ankles.  All in all, it is a great razor and I would recommend it.  

Cassey C:
I love that the Schick razor is surrounded by the buit in shaving cream, which is convenient and saves me time to use a separate shaving cream. Usually when I use other razors, I need to apply lotion afterwards due to dryness but after using this Schick razor with shea butter, it moisturizes my legs really nicely and save me the step of applying lotion. Furthermore, the packaging of this razor is much better than their previous all plastic packaging as it is more environmentally friendly. I would definitely recommend this razor as it saves me time and makes shaving much more enjoyable.

Rachel B:
Here is my review for the Schick Razor. I used the razor to shave under my arm pit, I like the fact that it has the conditioning solid around the razor so you don't need shaving gel. Compared to other razors that have it only at the top or don't even have it at all. I like that it has 4 blades which give me a really clean shave. The Shea Butter scent and moisturizer is an added value to the razor which most other razor don't offer. The only feature of the razor I don't like is I find it a little big when shaving under my arm pit. I think if it was a little smaller it would have been better. Overall I would purchase this razor in the near future. 

Ena B:
Here is my review for the Schick Razor. I used the razor to shave under my arm pit, I like the fact that it has the conditioning solid around the razor so you don't need shaving gel. Compared to other razors that have it only at the top or don't even have it at all. I like that it has 4 blades which give me a really clean shave. The Shea Butter scent and moisturizer is an added value to the razor which most other razor don't offer. The only feature of the razor I don't like is I find it a little big when shaving under my arm pit. I think if it was a little smaller it would have been better. Overall I would purchase this razor in the near future. 

Naomi B:
I was very impressed by this razor and it's capabilities. It gave me a really nice shave and my legs felt very soft and smooth afterwards. While shaving the razor glided very nicely and it removed my leg hairs with just one pass without me needing to go over it more then once. I love that this razor eliminated the need of using shaving cream/gel. Plus the built in soap bar lathered very nicely & smells amazing. This razor is very  and it was great using it!

The Schick Intuition razor is an absolute must-have for the summer, when dresses and shorts make up the typical mode du jour. I love how easy it is to use... the refillable conditioning solids pop on with little fuss and lather up with just a little bit of water. My skin is always left super soft and smooth after every shave. Highly recommended!

Jonnie H:
The Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture is the best razor I've ever used. My legs are left feeling smooth and soft with no knicks or cuts. The moisturizing solid along with the four blades makes shaving my legs so quick and comfortable. The razor glides really smoothly and you can totally feel the extra moisture throughout the day. As an added bonus this razor smells heavenly and comes with a neat shower hook to keep it handy but out of the way!

Sarah J:
At first I was a little skeptical about using such a big razor, because most of the ones I use are always smaller and compact with many blades. Surprisingly I was wrong and I got such a nice clean shave, the soap around the blade left my skin very soft and smelling great, which was a bonus without me having to use shaving cream. Over all I am very pleased with this razor and I definitely will continue to use it in the future and would recommend it to others especially because it is two and one deal. Thank you very much for this opportunity :)

Thanks again to everyone who entered and sent me their reviews!

Until next time...



CLOSED - New Giveaway!!

Hello lovelies,

I have an amazing giveaway opportunity for you all!!!

Schick Quattro for Women is giving all annpaige readers the opportunity to win an amazing prizepack!!!

The prizepack is valued at $185 and includes:
- two NEW Schick Quattro for Women razors Enriched with Papaya & Pearl
- a fold-over clutch
- summery scarf
- jeweled cuff bracelet
- and a $50 Visa gift card

I am so jealous of who ever wins because I want this prizepack for myself!!!

Contest Rules:
- Giveaway is open July 18th - August 1st 2014
- Must be 18 or older, or have permission from your parents to enter and give out your mailing address
- Must have a Canadian mailing address
- Follow my blog using GFC or bloglovin'(not mandatory, but you will be notified of upcoming posts and future giveaways! )
- Leave a comment below with your email address.

The winner will be contacted by email on August 2nd, 2014.

If you like this giveaway be sure to check out Schick Quattro for Women on Facebook and give them a like!

Good luck ladies!!!!



Win a $5000 Shopping Spree!!!

Hello lovelies,

Who doesn't love a shopping spree? Especially a shopping worth $5000 where someone else is paying!!!!
Here is how you can have the biggest shopping spree of the Summer!!!!!

Schick Quattro for Women is having an amazing contest celebrating stylish Canadian selfies in a contest called Your #Selfie. Your Style. The contest is open until July 22nd.

All you have to do is upload a selfie of YOU to Instagram with the #QFWSelfie hashtag and tag @QFWCanada or you can also upload your selfie to the Facebook app here: http://bit.ly/QFWSelfie.

You can check out the Schick Quattro for Women Facebook page for more info and don't forget to hit the like button while you're there!!!
And if you want to enter on instagram here is your link @QFWCanada.

Now what are you waiting for?!?!?!?
Start uploading your #selfies and enter to win!!!

Good luck everyone!!!!


*This is a sponsored post*


Change your look

Hello lovelies,

We all like to change up our look every once in awhile and in many different ways. Sometimes changing our look could mean trying a new lip shade or eyeshadow colour. It could also mean adding something to an outfit that we normally wouldn't wear, like different shoes or a new jacket. Changing up your look could also mean changing your eye colour by wearing coloured contacts.

I recently got the opportunity to change my look and to try out a pair of contacts from Dream Eyes and SpookyEyes. I don't typically wear contacts, so I wanted to try something different. I picked the Leopard Blue contact lenses and the quality is amazing. I have to admit that they look more grey in person, but what I love is that unlike other companies they don't look pixely or like a computerized graphic.  Even though they are a print they still look "natural".

SpookyEyes offers a variety of different colours, prints and graphics. They have something for everyone. The contacts are non prescription and FDA approved, so anyone can wear them. If you want to see what you would look like with a different eye colour, or if you want something crazy for Halloween then SpookyEyes would be perfect for you. They ship internationally and they're shipping time is super fast.
How do you change up your look when you want to look "different"?

If you live in Canada and have not yet entered by giveaway for the opportunity to try the new Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture Razor and the chance to win $100 then what are you waiting for?!?!?

Until next time....


Summer Vacay Essentials

Hello lovelies,
We are currently in the midst of one of my favourite seasons, Spring, but trolling soon around the corner is Summer and Summer means vacation and weekend getaways!!!

With a newborn on the cusp of arriving for me, this summer will be more about weekend getaways then actual off shore vacations. But, who says weekend beach getaways can't be just as fun.
So, whether you are headed to a hot sunny destination, going on a road trip or taking a long weekend to bask in the sun near home, here are my Summer Vacation Essentials.

A cute swimsuit - from dynamite.
I love this swimsuit because it is flattering (for the top and bottom) and hello it's purple cheetah print!!!

A beach cover up
I got this when I was a teenager and still have it to this day, 'cause it has dolphins on it and it's huge. With cover ups the bigger the better for me, because they offer so much versatility.

- My favourite not too oversized sunnies from Dolce & Gabanna

For sun protection and tanning I love Hawaiian Tropic products and these are my go to's:
- SPF 4(the lower the better, because I am so pasty) oil spray with UVA and UVB protection. This stuff literally smells like a piƱa colada, yummie!!!
Sun Protection:
- 12h moisturization Silk Hydration sunscreen with Spf 30.
After Sun:
- Silk Hydration after sun moisturizer with aloe gel and 24h hydration. I absolutely love this stuff. It feels soft and cooling on your skin and is perfect if you got a little too much sun.

- Garnier fructis sleek and shine leave-in conditioner. As a blonde I need to protect my hair from the water whether it be salt water like the ocean or even just chlorine from a regular pool. To do so I wet my hair, slather this stuff all over and stick my hair in a bun. I do this to prevent my hair from absorbing the salt and/or chemicals. Instead my hair can absorb the conditioner and be that much softer.
If I'm not going in the water I use:
- Garnier fructis sleek and shine thermo-sleek spray to prevent my hair from getting heat damage. No this product is not uva or uvb protective, but I find it works just the same. (You can however get similar products that are meant strictly for sun protection.)

Other essentials include my fav razor for on the go; Shick Hydro Silk, a travel manicure set and my fav deordorant from Dove.
Every girl needs protection from mother nature as well, so I always make sure I bring a few tampons with me, no matter what time of the month it is. And, in my bag I have Playtex 360° protection Sport Fresh Balance. This brand has the best on the go protection (with a light fresh scent)and I need that as I will be running and chasing after a baby all Summer.

Face and Makeup:
No matter where you are going and no matter what anyone says, as a girl you always need a little makeup, it just makes us feel and look our best.
My makeup essentials for a weekend getaway include:
- Garnier BB cream in light/medium
- Maybelline age rewind dark circle eraser concealer in fair.
- My Naked2 palette from Urban decay
- Essence silky touch blush in 30 secret it-girl. This colour is perfect for when you have (or want) a tan, because it adds the most beautiful glow to any complexion.
- Stila stay all day waterproof volumizing mascara. Nobody wants raccoon eyes from jumping out of the water or after laying in the sun too long and having your mascara melt off.
- Blistex tropical lip balm with Spf 15
- My favourite moisturizer that I have been using for years!!!
Neutrogena Healthy Skin face lotion with Spf 15.
- Jergens Natural Glow daily face mositurizer with Spf 20 in fair to medium.
You always need a gradual tanner for your face, as the complexion of our face will never match the rest of our body. This one is my fav, because it is light and doesn't clog your pores. You can also mix it with your regular mositurizer or BB cream, so it is even lighter on your skin.
- Biore Make-up removing towelettes. The best for removing even the toughest waterproof mascara at the end of the day. Also great to refresh your skin after a long day in the sun.
What are your Summer getaway plans for this year and what will you be brining with you!?!
Comment below with your essentials and if you think I missed anything in my bag!!!


CLOSED - New Shick Intuition Razor & Contest!!!

Hello lovelies!!!

As you all know I have tried and reviewed the Schick Intuition razor on my blog before and I fell in love with it! Now, Schick Intuition has come out with a new Advanced Moisture razor and I had the opportunity to test it out.

The Schick Intuition razor instantly became my go to razor because it is easy to use, glides over any and all curves (perfect for legs and around the knees) and most importantly, you don't need shave gel. The cartridges are amazing and especially the new Advanced Moisture razor cartridge. Infused with Shea and ribbons of moisture, your legs will be as soft as a baby's bottom, with no razor burn or bumps!! And what girl wouldn't love a pink razor?!?!

The company that sent me the razor are also giving all of you the chance to try it too!!! The first 20 people to comment below will be sent there own razor to try and review. You will also be entered to win a $100 credit gift card!!!! Super exciting right?!?!?! The contests rules are as follows....

Contest Rules:

- The contest will be open for two weeks June 2nd - June 16th, 2014.

- You must be a follower of my blog, using GFC or Bloglovin'. Please state which you are following on and your username.

- You must be over the age of 18 or have your parents permission to give out your mailing information. (Please note that the mailing information provided to me will also be provided to the PR company, as they will be the one's sending you your razor)

- You must live in Canada, or at least have a Canadian mailing address to enter with (the gift card will be issued in CAD $)

- Leave a comment below with your email address stating that you would like to be entered into the contest. (Comments without a valid email do not count as an entry)

- All qualifying winners will be contacted by email on June 17th

- Once you have been selected and have received your razor I will then ask that you try it out and send me by email a review of your thoughts on the product.

- Once I have recieved all reviews, one winner will be chosen at random to receive the $100 credit gift card!

*All reviews sent to me will be combined into a new blog post specifically reviewing the Schick Intuition Advanced Mositure Razor(if you do not wish to have your real name or full name listed on my review blog post, please specify that in your email when you send me your review.

Good luck everyone!!!

Until next time....


*This is a sponsored blog post, however all views and opinions on the Schick Intuition Razor are that of my own. I was not paid to give a good review on said product*


Easy and Stunning Manicure

Hello lovelies,

Please excuse my lack of posts lately,  as I just had my baby girl a week ago (wooowhoo!!!) and had been in and out of the hospital for a little over a month prior to her birth(we are now and both home and doing great). If you want to know more check out the link for my mommy blog above, I will be doing an update on there soon.

On to today's post....

I recently received my first ever voxbox from influenster and could not wait to show you all what I got.
If you are unaware influenster is a free subscription like service where you get the chance to try out new products and all you have to do once you get them is, to tell the world your thoughts! You sign up for different "badges" and earn points towards new boxes. Super easy to sign up and it's totally free. If you haven't signed up yet, I highly recommend you do!!

Within this box were two different imPress press on manicure designs by broadway nails. To be honest I never thought press on nails looked realistic and they always fall off within a couple of days. But, after trying these ones my mindset for press on nails has forever changed. The application is so easy and you get 24 nails in 12 different sizes.
Being a new mommy, I have no time or energy to give myself a full out manicure, so these are perfect. They are fast (you can even apply them in the car on your way to wherever your going) and actually last, plus if you keep the backings you can reuse them. What I love most about them is how glossy they are without looking like plastic. Also the length is perfect, not too long and too short. Being artificial also means no maintenance, momma like!!! If you were to go to a salon and get shellac or acrylic, you would have to go back and get them filled or maintained, but that is completely unnecessary with these. With so many different designs and colours offered the possibilities are endless and you can change them whenever you want, without damaging your real nails. For the price that you pay to buy these press on nails ($10.99 CAD), they are so worth it and I would definitely purchase them in more colours and designs.

What are your current go to nail products for the Spring?

Until next time....



Spring 2014 Fashion Trends

Hello lovelies,

Spring weather is slowly starting to arrive here and it has inspired me to do this post once again, as I do every year.

I love Spring fashion because it is the introduction to a new and beautiful season both in Fashion and in nature. Colours become alive and it is finally time to get rid of all of the dreaded layers and of course our winter boots.

Here are some of my favourite fashion trends for this upcoming season...

The ever loving Pastel trend:
Wear a full coloured suit or be more subtle and pair your fav pastel with neutrals or even your most beloved denim.

Cropped Boxy Jackets:
Wear this trend as an easy work to dinner look. Pair with a narrow bottom and sexy heels or booties for the perfect modern look.

Bomber Jackets:
Bomber jackets aren't just for exercising anymore, they are now for the exact opposite. I love this trend with a simple tank, dark denim, a statement necklace and killer heels. The bomber jacket will easily replace any blazer you have and still offer the same versatility.

Wide leg trousers:
They are finally coming back!!!
Find the right shape and fit for your body type and remember balance. Cropped tops are easy way to update this look.

Denim on denim(The Denim suit):
Wear your favourite chambray top or denim jacket with your favourite denim jeans in a similar (if not the same) tone it's that simple. Pair with a pop of colour underneath like coral or a subtle pastel and some rockin' boots.

Printed Pants:
Denim or trousers it doesn't matter, print is all over our bottoms. Subtle or bold in your face the prints (and colours) are there. Wear with neutrals or go all out and wear with a matching coloured top.

Does this season not remind anyone else of the 90's once again? I love it!!!!

What's your favourite trend for this Spring?

Palazzo pants - forever 21
Beige Cropped boxy blazer - dynamite
Black and white printed pants - dynamite
Pastel short suit - forever 21
Denim on denim - guess
Colour blocked bomber jacket - dynamite



Valentine's Outfits

Hello lovelies,

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and no matter what it is you have planned, here are some different outfit ideas for all events.

For a sexy night out..
Red Dress
Wear with a pair of sexy black heels and leather jacket!

Dinner Date
Red Blazer

High waisted skinnies
Pair these two with a basic white tee, black pumps and a statement necklace for a dressed up look! Perfect outfit for work to dinner.
Gold Statement Necklace

Casual Day/Night In
Cute and girly dress

Open braided detail cardigan
Urban Outfitters
Wear with cute boots and a long necklace for a fun and effortless look.

What are your plans for this Valentine's Weekend?
What ever they are I hope you all have a fun and exciting, love filled weekend!


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