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Welcome to Annpaige Fashion & Beauty Blog.

My name is Melanie and my passions include, fashion, beauty and writing. I have been writing since a very young age and always especially loved writing short stories and poetry/lyrics. The name for my blog "annpaige", comes from my middle names, so it was not random, but still me!

I am a mom of three - one "big" girl and boy/girl twins - and a wife! I also have a full-time job in Marketing and my own business on the side that I love doing as a Social Media & Marketing Manager for small local businesses!

I started this blog back in 2009 when I was in college. It started as a "Diary of a Fashion Student" when I was in school for Fashion Design, with posts written once/twice a semester. When I started writing articles for Vervegirl Magazine, I thought to my self, why not change the direction of my blog and do similar article/review style posts.

If you go back to some of my older posts, they are no where near what you see bloggers doing today. I am not a professional photographer and I never had the best lighting or scenes for my photos. I never intended for my blog to be anything more than a place to share my thoughts and my love for fashion and beauty.

 Today, blogging is such a larger world than it once was and I never want to stop. I will always continue to share my passions on here, and I hope that you enjoy them!

Thank you.


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