Gift Guide for her - Under $50

Happy Holidays Lovelies!!!

The holiday season is officially upon us and if you are anything like me, then you have yet to finish your holiday shopping. Whether you are shopping for your daughter, best friend or mom, this list will cover them all!!! Stay tuned below for my gift guide for her featuring items all under $50.

BB Cream is a great gift for anyone on your list. My favourite BB cream is this one from Younique. It is lightweight and doesn't clog your pores. It provides lightweight coverage and is perfect for the person on your list who appreciates great skincare, but doesn't wear a lot of makeup. 
Cost: $47

Everyone loves and wears scarves. A classic plaid scarf like this one from Dynamite is one that anyone would appreciate and use. When selecting a scarf, a wide blanket style scarf is great for anyone, because they can use it throughout multiple seasons and with many different outfits. 

Cost: $34.95

Who doesn't love fuzzy socks?!?!? For the girl on your list who loves netflix and chill nights and likes to be cozy while at home, fuzzy socks are a must have gift. They are definitely an item that goes on my list every year, as you can never have too many!
Both styles are from indigo and are super affordable.
Fair Isle Leg Liners: $25.50 (on sale)

You can never go wrong with a cute wallet and this jeweled wallet from indigo is a great holiday accessory that anyone on your list can use. 
Cost: $29.62 (on sale)
Every girl needs somewhere to put her jewelry and a pretty jewelry box like this one from Kate Spade is unique and it will also stand out on her vanity. It also comes in different colours if you know her favourite.
Cost $40.00

Candles are a great gift for everyone! Whether for a close friend, your mom or your daughter who just moved away from home. Candles are also perfect stocking stuffer gifts.
All three wick candles from Bath & Body Works are on sale right now for $12.50
Gorgeous locks are a girls best friend and we all want to feel good about our hair. The gift of great hair is a gift that any girl will love and appreciate. The Volume Travel kit from Moroccan Oil comes with all of the essentials to giver her, her best hair. 
Cost: $48

What are some lust worthy items that you are asking for this holiday season? I hope that you found this list inspirational and that you are now able to cross a few more people off your list with the above gift ideas. Comment below with what your favourite items!!

As always....



Maternity Style

Hello Lovelies!

Maintaining my style during pregnancy is something that has always been important to me. During my first pregnancy I was unable to wear maternity clothes and this time around, I wanted to find clothing that fits my growing bump without sacrificing my own fashion sense.

Below are some of my favourite outfits that I have worn through out my pregnancy, with links on where you can find the same or similar items. I hope you enjoy them and find them resourceful if you yourself are pregnant!

Wrap dresses are great for everyday wear from early on in pregnancy and after to use for nursing, so of course I had to show one of them!
Overcoat: Vince

I LOVE wearing high-waisted skirts during pregnancy. This one from Mendocino is a skirt that I have had since before pregnancy, but works perfectly as an over the bump skirt for during.
Top: Gebe (sold out find similar here)
Skirt: Room Service from M for Mendocino (similar)
Shoes: Justfab

I have always loved my jeans and especially early on in my pregnancy, I would wear them as much as possible (knowing that they would only fit for so long). This top from Jules & Jim is a soft stretch knit, that I am still able to wear now, while I am huge and it has continued to keep it's shape.
Top: Jules & Jim (similar)
Jeans: Old Navy (similar)
Cardigan: Lole
Shoes: Lole (similar)

When the time came, I went straight for maternity jeans. Having maternity jeans during pregnancy makes you feel like you again. Paige jeans are made with a blend of rayon that make them comfortable and super stretchy and they also sit under the bump, which is my personal preference.
Cardigan: John + Jenn
Jeans: Paige (Maternity)

I love this outfit! When I wear this outfit, I feel fashionable, comfortable and the top has ruching on the sides, so it fits my growing bump perfectly. And, let's talk about this vest! I got this vest from Dynamite last year and I had been waiting forever for Fall to start so I could wear it.
Faux fur vest: Dynamite (similar)
Top: Jules & Jim (similar)
Leggings: Dynamite
Boots: Justfab (similar)

My everyday go to staples even before pregnancy have always been jeans and a boyfriend blazer. Not giving up my style during my pregnancy was what I said was very important to me, so finding the right styles that work with my new shape, was super important to me.
Jeans: J Brand
Sweater: Similar
Blazer: Similar

If you are pregnant or just love Fall fashion, comment below and let me know which looks were your favourite. Also let me know if there are any other pregnancy related posts that you would like to see me do. 

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Review - Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Hello lovelies!

I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Lash Sensational Mascara from Maybelline and wanted to share my experience with you all!

Mascara is always a tricky product for me. I have long lashes, however my main issue when trying to find a new mascara is finding one that provides both length and volume. Did the Lash Sensational Mascara live up to it’s name? Keep reading to find out!

Can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drugmart or Rexall, as well as most pharmacies.

Product Claims:
-Capture lashes from root to tip for a full-fan effect

Did this product live up to the hype?
Yes, it did give me full length and yes, it does wash off.

-Easy to use
-Separates lashes 
-Provides lift and length
-Does not run

-Formula is too wet (when used brand new). Works better after about a month when the formula starts to get a little thicker.
-Very “sticky” - When washing it off it can clump, so be sure not to tug on your lashes.

Over all rating: 8/10

Would I purchase this product again? Probably, when I need a mascara for traveling that is inexpensive.

Would I recommend this product?
Yes, as it is a great value for anyone look for a good lengthening mascara on a budget.

*Disclaimer: I did receive this product free for testing purposes. All opinions are my own. I was not paid to give a good review.

Thank you everyone for reading! If you liked this post or have any comments, please put them down below!

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Updated What's in My Purse

Hello lovelies,

It has been a long while since my last What's in my purse post and I always find these posts to be one of the most interesting. Finding out what others deem as essential must have items to keep with them everyday. It's a personal post and also fun to read. So, without further ado, let's get to what is in my purse.

Top: Gebe Maternity
Skirt: M for Mendocino
Shoes: Justfab
Necklace: Ricki's 

Items I must have with me at all times include pretty much everything that you see here and it is the main reason why I can never carry a small purse. 

Purse: Coach

Wallet: Coach

Mints, for both a breath refresher and nausea killer, while pregnant.
Lotion, because I hate having dry hands.
EOS lip balm.
Hand sanitizer, because I can be a total germaphobe, especially while pregnant.
Earphones from Sony.
My current fav lipstick in Affluent from Younique.
Sunnies from H&M.
My rosary, because I am Catholic and I pray daily.
My agenda and organizer. My agenda is from Bando and it is my favourite. It is a monthly and daily planner with a lot of room for notes and it comes with stickers!! They have so many prints and designs and this one was my fav!
A pen, of course, to use for writing in my planner and because you never know when something will either need to be signed and/or filled out.
Clear polish for those pesky times when my nail polish chips or my actual nail chips while out.

And, that is everything I carry with me on a daily basis. I also ensure to always have water and snacks in my purse everywhere I go, typically both for myself and for daughter.

What are your purse must haves?? Let me know in the comments below and as always thanks for reading!

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How to Survive the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Hello lovelies,

The news is out!! If you do not follow me on social media, then you may not yet know that.....I am pregnant! This is my second pregnancy and this time around we are expecting twins!!! We both feel so blessed and we are overjoyed to grow our little family. And, of course our little girl is totally stoked to be a big sister!

Finding out that you are pregnant can leave you with a whirlwind of emotions, add pregnancy symptoms and not fitting into your clothes on top of that and it can be quite a challenge to manage. Having been through this once before, I am grateful for the tips and tricks that I had learned and been able to implement into my everyday life this time around. With that said, I am here to share with you all of my tips on how to survive the first trimester of pregnancy. Because, we never receive enough advice while pregnant, right?

Tip #1 
Sharing the news

This is a sensitive and tricky one to manage, as it can be so hard not to want to tell everyone. If you tell people, are they accidentally going to slip and tell others? Are you going to slip and tell people? Also, how long is that teeny tiny bump going to stay teeny tiny?

Having a careful conversation with your partner on who and when to tell is a definite must, as soon as possible. You may both have different ideas on who should be the first to know, however having that initial conversation will make it so much easier to respect each others wishes.

Tip #2
Dealing with Nausea 

Every woman and every pregnancy is different. With my first, all I really experienced was motion sickness vs. full blown nausea. I had a few days that I took my prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach and quickly learned my lesson not to do that ever again. However, with this pregnancy it has not been the same. Yes, a multiple pregnancy is accompanied by the symptoms of double the hormones, but no one ever knows what that really means. To combat nausea, I keep water on my night stand and ensure that I eat within a half hour of waking up; crackers are a perfect small snack to devour before breakfast and in between meals. 
Mints!! I have mints in my purse and sitting on my counter at home, as they always help when either motion sickness kicks in, or for just nausea in general. Anytime I feel a little motion sickness on transit or in the car, I always pop a mint or two to help it pass for a little while. They are also great for getting rid of pesky after tastes that can bring up nausea after a meal.

Tip #3
Fitting an ever changing waistline

Depending on your body frame you may show quickly, or if you have a longer torso or are carrying further in your back, you may not show as early. Either way, a tighter waistline is inevitable. Do not, I repeat DO NOT think that you have to live in leggings, because there are so many options available now to help you look and feel great. With my first everyone recommended I get a Bella Band and it totally does the trick for helping you fit into your favourite jeans without having to zip them up! Comfy pants also work wonders, especially loose joggers. 
For tops, I typically stick to longer tanks and looser fitting tops, especially if you haven't shared your joyful news yet.

Tip #4

Face First

Restless nights and all day nausea got me looking like a Walking Dead extra, but no one needs to know how I really look! ;)
A good BB cream, concealer and luminizer = my trick to glowing skin!
I mix my favourite concealer and luminizer together for a luminescent glow and top it off with a moisturizing BB cream to give my skin life and hydration, so no one has to know that I did not "wake up like this".

My EOS lip blam, Batiste dry shampoo and of course  prenatal vitamins are all essentials that I cannot live without while pregnant and recommend that all pregnant women have!!

Stretch Marks? No, thank you!
To prevent stretch marks (hopefully) and also alleviate itchy, dry skin, I use a combination of Vaseline Radiance coco butter moisturizer and Shoosha Stretch Mark Oil. I start by putting the moisturizer all over my upper half, including my butt and hips (because yes, your skin will also stretch there too) and then I layer on my oil.
Using both seriously and truly eliminates the mid day tummy itch and keeps my skin feeling supple all day long. I do this routine twice a day; once in the morning after I wake up and then in the evening before bed. I used this same routine with my first pregnancy and thankfully never got a single stretch mark (here's hoping this round will end in the same results ;)) 

Tip #5
Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during pregnancy helps your body on so many levels. Getting enough fluids, helps your skin retain moisture (keeping stretch mark prevention on top of mind), and helps to flush out everyday toxins. Sometimes feeling lightheaded and nauseous can also mean that you are not getting enough fluids. I always have a water bottle with me and I usually end up refilling it about 4-5 times a day while I am at work. 

Tip #6
Write it Down

Get a pregnancy journal! I had one with my first and I bought one for this pregnancy as well. Having a pregnancy journal is a great way to keep memories because we all know how forgetful we can be (especially while pregnant). Being able to jot down important notes along the way, like when you first felt your baby kick or when you feeling your first bay hiccups. All are amazing memories and they are great to share with your little one when they are older. A pregnancy journal is also an excellent way to stay organized, as they typically include appointment reminders, baby shower guest lists and how to organize your thank your cards. A definite must have and the one I use is What to Expect When You're Expecting organizer and you can get it at online or in-store at Chapters/Indigo.

I hope that this post has been helpful, as I wish I had come across similar advice while pregnant with my first. If you have some of your own favourite tips that have helped you along your journey, share them below! And, if you too are expecting comment below and let's share in our joy together :)!

Stay tuned for my next post which will include some of my favourite Fall maternity looks, that I will be strutting this season! Let me know your favourite trends for the season and I will try to include them.

As always thank you for reading and until next time...



Transitioning to Fall

Hello lovelies,

The air is getting crisp and that Fall breeze is here to stay. Although the summer heat has not entirely disappeared, I am ready to start rocking some Fall transitional outfits. Below are some of my favourite trends for the season and tips on how I will be switching up my Summer styles to make them work for the current "Pre-Fall" weather.
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The first look is perfect for when the weather is warmer during the day and it doesn't scream Fall however, throw a cardi on top or a leather jacket and you are set for that Fall breeze.
Floral jeans are a trend that I am LOVING this season and dressing them up with a heel, will take them from day to night.

This next look is one of my favs, because I LOVE cozy sweaters and the touches of pink, make this an easy transitional look for Fall. Adding a classic black suede bootie dresses this look up, making it appropriate for an event.

The last look I created is literally one that you will catch me in almost everyday this Fall. I picked this look because it is cozy and casual and can be dressed up or down, depending on where I am going. A faux fur vest over a cozy knit with combat boots is the ultimate in comfort. Add a floppy hat and oversized bag and this is the perfect city outfit.

Which look is your favourite and which trends can you not wait to rock this Fall???
Comment below and let me know!

Thanks for ready loves!



Spring Outfits ft. Warby Parker

Who doesn't have an obsession with sunglasses?!?

I can't even count how many I have, so obviously I was stoked to hear about Warby Parker's revamping of their head-turning Haskell frame and ROY G. For their new Spring launch they have decked them out with six new options of flash lenses in stellar colours and shades for both men and women!

What's awesome about Warby Parker's sunglasses is that they are crafted from hand-polished crystal cellulose acetate and they have rounded lenses with just a pinch of vintage-y flavor. Anything vintage is so on trend for 2017 and I was super excited when they asked me to help them spread the word of this seasons launch!!!

The new colours and mirrored lenses go with absolutely everything and will make you wish the sun never faded into night, as I would totally rock these rain or shine!

Check out my spring outfit ideas for how I would style their new must have lenses!!!

Their lenses come in an assortment of shades and are a must have for the season, so be sure to get yours today!! 


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