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If you have been following my blog for a while, than you will know that Fall is my absolute favourite season and time of year. Not only am I a sucker for Pumpkin Spice lattes (call me basic), but I love the cool crisp air and of course Fall fashion! If I could wear scarves, booties and sweaters all year long, while sipping on Pumpkin Spice, I would be an even happier momma then I already am.

Speaking of Fall fashion, becoming a mom has made me focus more on investing in my wardrobe. Instead of spending money on trendy styles that only last for a season, I have started to invest in staples that will last and spending less or not even bothering when it comes to fast fashion items.

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A Wool Jacket/Coat

Every woman needs a wool jacket. Stick to a classic colour that you will wear year after year and not get sick of.

I have a few wool jackets that I have acquired through out the years. One is a classic belted military style in black, another I call my “Gossip Girl” jacket, as it is plaid and super preppy. The final style is more of a statement jacket, but still classic and goes with everything!

(similar here)

(similar here)

A Leather Jacket 

Faux or real, invest in quality. A classic moto style will ensure that your jacket will never go out of style and trust me when I say you will wear it with everything!

(similar here)

I have had mine for roughly 6 years and purchased it from Dynamite. It was not an expensive item however, it has definitely stood the stand of time thus far.

A Suede Bootie

Suede booties go with everything and can be worn with your favourite jeans, as well as with a cute skirt or dress. Just as with a wool jacket, stick to a neutral colour like beige, brown or black.
(similar here)

I purchased mine from Winners almost 8 years ago from the brand Rampage and the suede is still in amazing condition.

A Leather Belt

Belts should never be purchased just with the intent to keep your pants from falling down. A belt provides a clean polished statement to any outfit. Yes, still wear your belt with your favourite jean or trouser, but for the purpose of adding detail rather than for a poor fitted bottom.
A classic leather belt can also be used in place of a tie on a jacket and also to cinch in a loose sweater dress.
I recently purchased mine from Coach.

(same jacket from Vince here)

Faux Fur Vest

I love my faux fur vest, not only does it keep me warm, but it also adds a touch of glam to any outfit I pair it with. I like to wear mine with a loose jogger and my leather jacket It also looks great styled with a bootie and a dress for Fall.

(similar here)

I actually got mine on sale a few years ago from Dynamite and I am really impressed with the quality. It has not shed at all and still looks brand new!

A Classic Timepiece

Ever since becoming a mom I have realized more and more how fast time passes. Being able to manage and maximize my time is essential to my everyday life and ensuring that I am fully present with my kids and husband. Having a beautiful and unique watch that goes with every outfit is a must have for me and my Walnut wood & vintage rose Cassia watch from JORD is just that!
JORD watches are elegantly made with natural woods from around the world and a stunning sapphire domed face. Each piece is carefully designed to last and become an item that you will always cherish.

In collaboration with this post, JORD is giving all of my readers and followers the chance to win a $100 gift certificate so, you can select a beautiful and classic wood watch for yourself or as a gift for someone special, just in time for the holiday season. All of their pieces can also be engraved, making them that much more special when gifted.

In order to enter click on the link here, fill out your name & email and select your favourite watch. All entrants will also receive a 10% off coupon code as a thank you for entering!!

Wooden Wrist Watch

What are your Fall staples that you have invested in? Comment below and share where you have purchased them from!

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