Happy Easter - Outfit & hair


I dyed my hair!!!!
My before hair - I had dyed my hair really blonde before then really dark so my before hair was a mix of my natural and some lighter blonde and some brown. Now it is much darker. What do you guys think?
(scroll down to previous blogs to see my old hair colour)

top - suzy shier
jacket - forever21
jeans - smart set
shoes(which I don't wear on the carpet)black pumps with pink sole - le chateau


Stylish Blogger award

7 things you don't about me.....
1.I try to eat very healthy
2.I work out on a regular basis
3.I have a love hate relationship with my high heels
4.I love psychology
5.I wish I had a monkey
6.I am an avid ps3 gamer
7.I have never been on a plane
I got recommended for this a cpl months ago and am way behind on following up.....

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what's up 70's!!!!!

today's 70's outfit
flared jeans - Smartset
beige blouson - Limite
belt - gift(not sure where from)
earrings - can't remember

fav Mango spring outfits

gotta love spring and all the new colours and styles am I right?

my top 3 fav Mango outfits for this Spring>>>>>>>>>

I love this nude suit, it's so versatile. You can mix and match it with pieces already in your wardrobe by making it casual(minus jacket) or you can dress up another outfit ie. shorts or denim by adding the jacket separately.

OMG this silk jumpsuit is so0o0o0o HOTT I love it!!!! Wear with a pair of pumps and a blazer, accessorized with a big statement necklace for an awesome night out on the town!!!!

perfect casual outfit for lunch with the girls. Pair with a pair of metallic gladiator sandals or pumps and your ready to eat!!!

What are your fav outfits of the season, whether be outfits you've put together on your own or you saw someone else wearing?????


Vawk Fall 2011

Last year I had the privilege of going to the Vawk fall 2010 fashion show for Toronto fashion week and although this year I did not go I still could not resist to see the line.

If you have never heard of Vawk check it out at http://www.vawk.ca. The designer behind this amazing collection is Sunny Fong winner of Project Runway Canada.

Similar to most of Vawk's collection you see a lot of neutral colours and furs especially for his fall and winter collections but this time there were some pops of blue which was very refreshing for a fall collection. Some of my fav outfits/pieces of this years collection include.....



So annoying I just had to get this off my mind!!!

So yesterday I was on the train and it was 13C outside and what do I see?!?!?!?

Not one but two people wearing a winter TNA coat fur hood up on head. Seriously people come on!!!


It is SPRING outside for goodness sake. I get the whole fashion over comfort thing but who the heck would rather sweat in the hot sun wearing a winter coat then wear a spring coat or even a sweater. If you wanna wear a TNA coat all year round then move to Antarctica or buy a TNA spring coat!!!!!!
If you have caught yourself doing this please think twice and check the weather before leaving your house(not trying to be mean but c'mon)

TNA SPRING coat(big difference from the winter coat

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