Entire Outfit of the Day

My full outfit look from my sneak peek the other day, sorry it's a day late I have been so busy the past couple of days with work and just life.

Here it is....

Jeans: garage
Polo: American Eagle
Jacket: smart set
Watch: guess
Bracelets: my boyfriends aunt made them for me for Christmas
Purse: David Jones

Thanks for reading everyone!!!!
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March Favourites: Haul

Items I bought this month:

Sally Hansen
Hard as Nail
Xtreme Wear
I was at Wal-Mart and these polishes wear all so cheap so I got three.
Lacey purple, bubblegum pink and green with envy.
I've only tried one colour so far(Lacey purple) and at first when I put it on it seemed really watery so I got nervous, but after it dried I put a second coat and I love it. It applies so smoothly and finishes with a beautiful shine that I love!!!

From shoppers drugmart I bought the Light Blue Shade shampoo for grey and blonde hair. I'm hoping this will cancel out my orangey coloured roots better than my Joico since this is supposed to be a blue based shampoo (mind you it still looks purple to me)
Price $8.99

A conditioner I am loving is my repairing Organix awapuhi ginger conditioner. I leave it in for 5 min with my Joico colour endure conditioner and my hair is so soft.
Price $6.99

I got this got2be dazzling shine spray in a gift basket and I've used it a couple of times so far. It's supposed to eliminate frizz and leave your hair with an all day shine. I love how it works but I don't like the smell, I wish it had more natural ingredients, but would still recommend it.
I think it costs around $2.99 or $3.99 at any drugstore.

Last but not least I got two of the cutest earrings from Forever21 for super cheap and I love them both!!!
Roses $1.50
Pearl hearts $4.80

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Have a great night everyone!!!


Mint outfit of the day

Last night my boyfriend and I went to go see The Hunger Games and it was really good, definatley want to see the next one!!!!

Here is my outfit:

Jeans: garage
Mint tee: Ricki's
Cardigan: garage
Pearls: DIY
Earrings: fr21

Hope you all have a good morning!!!

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Nail polish colour review

Rimmel lasting finish pro in gold silk

This is the same brand as my coral colour a few posts back. I love this colour, it's comparable to a champaign. It has amazing shine and it's not too bold, perfect for any season. This colour kind of reminds me of the '70's, I don't know why.
What do you guys think?

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Outfit of the day

Hey everyone!!!

The weather today is absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining and it honestly felt like it was mid June because it was so beautiful. My boyfriend was able to come home early from work today (I had the day off) so we went for a drive and had some dinner at Swiss Chalet.

Here is my outfit:

Jeans: garage
Tank: garage
Shirt: garage
Cardigan: Ricki's

Eyes: light purple and grey eyeshadow from my sephora palette
Purple Rimmel kohl eyeliner pencil
Lips: MAC snob lipstick and MAC wee coquette lip gloss on top

You may or may not be able to notice in the pictures but my hair is quite lighter than in my last post. I finally decided to tone it!!!!
I used Wella colour charm T18 Lightest ash blonde and I no longer have any gold tones in my hair it is all ash!!!! My roots are still a bit orange but not as bright and golden as they were, thank God!!!!

Let me know what you think and if you would like me to post my process of toning my hair!!!!

I hope you all had a fabulous day enjoying the gorgeous weather out there!!!!

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Happy St.Patty&apos;s Day

Happy St.Patrick's Day to all my fellow Irish folk!!!!

What is everybody doing to celebrate?

Here is my outfit and make up in honour of today.

Sorry for the bad quality my bathroom lighting combined with my IPod camera make for not the best pictures indoors.

Jeans: silver
Tank top: guess?
T-shirt: vintage shop and I cut it to make it what it is now

Mint green shadow on eyelid
Orange on crease
White above orange up to brow bone
Black Rimmel kohl pencil liner
(all shadows from my sephora palette)

Hope everyone has a very lucky and celebratory day!!!



What do you want?

Hey everyone!!!

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Cute Clutch DIY

Today I was at Vervegirl magazine for a fun ducktape DIY with the girls!!!

Here is what you need:
Duck tape roll - in as many colours or patterns as you like
Duck tape sheets - again in different colours and patterns
Your fav embellishments: jewels, buttons etc...

(I apologize if the pics are not in order I'm posting this from my iPod, hopefully I can fix it for you all by tomorrow)

Step 1:
Pick 2 different sheets of the same colour/design and a roll of duck tape in a contrasting colour

Peel off one design and stick it on the back of your other sheet design (do not stick both tapes together, leave the backing on one so you can fix any bubbles)

Lay one sheet partly on top of the other and make a border on all four sides with your duck tape roll
Step4: Cut off about 3 inches off one end to use for your pocket and redo your border on this end.

Fold your sheets in the size that you would like your clutch to be

Cut your end piece to the desired size of your pocket and make a border around in it with your duck tape roll

Place your pocket in the desired position and inforce with a duck tape border

Cut 4 pieces of Velcro and place two on the inner top fold and two on the bottom fold

Tape the sides of your clutch around the border to keep your clutch closed

Add any jewels or embellishments

Please leave me your comments on this post below and let me know if you like this post let me know your experiences if you try this for yourself.

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And check out www.vervegirl.com I loved and continue to love working with theses ladies!!!!


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