Green eyed barbie make-up

Eyes: almay eye palette for green eyes
if you don't have it (I'm not sure if they still sell it) use a a matte purple eyeshadow on the eyelid, then put a dark green shadow on the crease of your eye, and a light green shadow above, just to under your brow bone. I also like to use a white eye shado just under my brow bone as a highlighter.
Eyeliner- Rimmel soft khol black - and then a black gel liner on top after eyeshadow to enhance the colour.

Concealer used(for under my eyes, chin, and any other redness on the face) - Covergirl & Olay simply ageless(it's really a foundation but I use it as a concealer). I like to use a shade or two light than my skin tone so my eyes look brighter. I use shade 205

Foundation: L'Oreal Gentle Mineral make-up with spf 15. I love this foundation I have been using it for 5 years and I pray they never discontinue it or I will go nuts. It's really light on the skin and it doesn't even feel like wearing make up as long as you apply it properly and use a powder brush to fan it out.

Bronzer: Rimmel Sunshimmer 3in1 shimmer bronzer: On my cheek bones, on the angles of my nose, my forehead, and jaw line. Use a fan brush to apply and be sure not to go to dark and rub it in properly with a powder brush.

Blush: Sephora palette (it's a really big set) but it's just a light rosey pink colour and I apply it on top of the bronzer on my cheek bones and fan out.

Eyelashes: maybelline one by one volume express and I love it. I already have really long lashes but making them curl and extend out as always been my problem this really helps.

Lips: Mac lipstick - Snob

missing anything......

hope you enjoyed my look and let me know what you think or how it goes if you try it out for yourself!!!!!!


Birthday gifts!!

gifts I received for my birthday....

cute tops

new make-up brushes

and money...

thanks for reading



Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
I had to work all day BOOO!!!! and originally I had asked for it off 'cause since it is also mother's day I was suppose to go out for lunch with my boyfriend and his mom and sister to celebrate both occasions but no!!!! The three of them decided that they all love me too much and instead of going to lunch his mom and sister came home early from church this evening and we had dinner instead. We had Swiss Chalet and I picked out my cake it was a white chocolate, vanilla cake with strawberry and white chocolate filling and milk and white chocolate shavings on top. mmmmm yummie I forgot to take a pic though...

as promised here is my birthday outfit and some gifts that I got as well!!!!!

Make-up: purple eyeliner and a light brown shadow brown shadow on eyelid with silver in the crease, and the rest of my make-up follows my normal steps(see older posts for how to's)

strapless empire top - dynamite
chanel style jacket - rickis
jeans - guess
bracelets - h&m
watch - guess
pearls - made by me

....... i have been having trouble posting pics of my gifts so I will do another post of them tomorrow!!!!

have a good night!!!





my blog has surpassed 1000 page views!!!!
I know some people have like 10k or 15k but I am super stoaked!!!!!!
thanks for all the love to everyone who views my page but please don't forget that if you love my blog that much (which I know y'all do) then FOLLOW for more to come!!!!!!! you can follow with your twitter too which is awesome!!!



casual day

my lazy day outfit
jeans - garage
white tank - american eagle
plaid top - garage

next post to be my birthday outfit!!!!!
still haven't decided what to wear yet OMG!!!!



outfit of the night

jeans - guess?
blousson - reitmans (really old)
jacket - forever 21
shoes - costa blanca X
(don't have a pic @ the moment will get one soon)
make-up - purple smokey eye (scroll down to previous blog for instructions on how to create the same look)

pictures were taken after the night out, once I arrived back at home hence the reason I look a little bit drowned out but still awesome of course!!!!! ha...ha..


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