Hair heaven; holy grail hair products

Hello lovelies, Having dyed platinum hair and not to mention thin/fine hair, it ishard to find products that work for me. My hair is quite fine and using heavy products can really weigh my hair down. Two of my current holy grail hair products are: got2b rockin' it encore fresh dry shampoo - I love this dry shampoo. I have never had greasy or oily hair, I typically wash my hair at most 2 times a week and this really helps me. I admit that I don't really like the smell, but it goes away after about 30 min and the smell definitely makes up for how great this product works. I use this product usually twice a week and spray it on my roots, rub it in then brush my hair and it feels so soft like I just washed it.
fructis color sheild double care leave in conditioner - I typically use this after I shower and my hair is still wet and it helps to detangle when combing. I also sometimes use it after I spray my dry shampoo. I used to use my fructis sleek and shine argan oil serum religiously, but lately I have found myself running to this product more. It has grape seed and acai and it just makes my hair so soft and silky. When using this product you don't need a lot and that's why I love it. What are your holy grail hair products? On a side note still about hair... The other day my boyfriend and I were at party city and of course I had to try on some wigs. What do you think of my funky hair colours?
I hope you all have a great weekend!!! xoxo annpaige


Mixing patterns - Fall outfit

Hello lovelies,

So the time has come, Fall is officially here and I am so excited. Prints and colourblocking are huge for this season and I just love every trend that is out there right now (which is rare). Here is my outfit from work today....

I absolutely love this top, I think the faux trim gives a bit of an edge and I love the fall colours and pattern.

Faux leather trim top - rickis
Jacket - fr21
Jeans - rickis
Scarf - H&M
Belt - garage

My makeup was just my everyday foundation, nothing special.

Hope you all have a great day!!!



Fall is here

Hello lovelies,

Yesterday was the first real sign that Fall is coming. It was cold rainy an just an ugh day. Aside from the yucky weather I love everything that comes with The Fall season. The leaves start changing to beautiful oranges and reds, the air is lighter and just smells different. Pumpkin, spice and everything nice fills the air with new scented candles. The thing I love most about Fall though is of course Fall fashion and colours!!!! This season we are seeing more colour stories and trends. Taupe, mustard, raspberry, all of my colours of the season. Loose style blouses in light materials and peterpan collars, with lace and leather trim, feathers and different animal inspired jewelry. How can you not be excited for Fall!!!

What is your favourite Fall trend and fall inspired anything (scent, activity, food, drink)? I would love to read what you gals are most excited for this season!!! Comment below and let me know!!!

Going with one of my fav Fall 2012 colours taupe, here some quick shots of my outfit and makeup from yesterday's outfit of the day.

Blouse: rickis
Skinny jeans: guess
Necklace: rickis
Watch: aldo
Shoes(not shown): ballerina flats from lat post

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Lace and motorcycles

Hello lovelies,

I don't have much time to really blog today, but I did want to show you a couple of shots of my outfit of the day...

Motorcycle jacket (faux leather): dynamite
White lace tank: ardene
Jeans (my all time fav pair): garage
Flats: rickis
Sunnies: ardene
Purse (another fav): David Jones

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Sephora 500 perk Review - Laura Mercier

Hello lovelies,

Last week I was at Sephora and I picked up my 500 perk gift. I had been waiting for something that I thought was worth the points and I saw this perk I had to grab it!!!

(sorry for the bad quality photos I was using my Ipod to take the pics :( )

The perk came in this little box and each piece was individually wrapped which I loved.

Looking at the size of the box and the size of each product, I was pretty impressed with what you get.
You get:
a sample size mascara, a sample size lip gloss, a mini sample of their foundation primer, a sample size eyeshadow (which is a really good size), and an almost full size eyeliner.

Lip gloss in sparkling; a dark pinky/peachy nude that smells and tastes like coffee beans mmmm...not at all as sticky as my MAC lip glosses

Kohl Eyeliner in black gold - the perfect dark gold colour and it glides on so smooth and light

mascara perfect for volume, has a wider wired brush and picks up just the right amount of product for a full eyelash look (no name on product)

Foundation primer in radiance. I'm not a big primer person but I have tried this and I just use it as a base where I use my concealer, under the eye and around my nose. So far so good, but it doesn't last no more than maybe 6 hours and I have found as normal(without the primer) I still need to touch up.

Baked eye colour wet/dry in Black karat - a light shimmery smokey gold colour, perfect for the crease. Glides on and stays on.

These are swatches of each product on my arm and my skin tone.
Left to right - the primer (has a light skin tone tint), eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipgloss
As you can see they are all super pigmented so I am very impressed with what I got.

If you have 500 beauty insider points with Sephora and this perk is available at your store grab it!!!! They are all amazing products that will actually last and they are pieces you will find yourself using everyday.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and please let me know if you want to see more reviews like this, because I personally love doing beauty/makeup reviews, but want to make sure its what you gals want too!!!

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Love you all!!



Outfit of the day - photoshoot

Hello lovelies,

So my boyfriend is really starting to get into photography and I am totally using this to my advantage. Whenever I have an outfit or makeup look that I want to blog about, he is now excited to shoot me!!! The only thing is he wants to edit them all, so it takes a tad bit longer for me to blog them. A side from that here is my outfit and makeup from the other day!!!

Dress/top: guess (from last year)
Jacket: dynamite (the same as in my last post, which I am so going to wear out this Fall because I LOVE it)
Earrings: a shop in NYC
Watch: aldo
Shoes(not shown): black genuine wedges

Urban decay naked 2 palette and Laura mercier black gold(from makeup kit I got at sephora for my 500 perk, which I will do a review on in my next blog)

How I achieved the look:
Foxy on lid
Half baked to middle of lid (inside out)
Chopper on top
Snakebite in crease
Laura mercier black gold in crease and outer corner
YDK over Laura mercier to add more shimmer
Bootycall as highlight on brow bone and inner corner
Chopper lightly dusted over Bootycall
Half baked on lower eyelid from putter corner to middle
Bootycall inner eyelid
Bare minerals black leather mineral shadow (wet) as an eyeliner
ELF dramatic lash kit lashes with duo waterproof eyelash glue

Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in shade 930 bronze goddess and Laura Mercier lipgloss in sparkling on the centre of my lips

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Versatile Blogger Award

Hello lovelies,

Thank to the sweet and gorgeous Ewe at "...Let's do the catwalk, ladies!", I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award. I am so so so excited and happy!!!! Thank you girl!

"To qualify for the Versatile Blogger Award you must follow these rules :
1. Thank the blogger/s who have nominated you
2. Share 7 random factis about yourself
3. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who you recently discovered or follow regularly
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5 Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your blog."

So let's get started....

7 random facts about my:

1. Field Hockey is my all time favourite sport to play (I never gave back my stick or uniform from my high school team. Shh... )
2. I love rock music, but I'm also a sucker for country and top 40's
3. The 1970's are my fav. fashion decade
4. I always have to have nail polish on my toenails. I wont leave the house without them painted.
5. I love psychology and reading into other people
6. My fav. fast food is KFC, mmm...
7. My favourite colour is green, but I also really like purple

My 15 nominees..

1. Little miss Andrea - http://little-miss-andrea.blogspot.ca
2. A haute mess - www.ahautemess.ca
3. Big Eyes - http://my-big-eyes.blogspot.ca
4. Lara- http://lilcutie89blog.blogspot.ca
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15. Mom and Son - http://www.momfashionworld.com

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Anniversary - Makeup and outfit of the night

Hello lovelies,

My boyfriend and I celebrated our 6 Year anniversary this past Wednesday and we went to our favourite restaurant Milestones. He got me the jacket I wanted from Dynamite which made me super excited, of course I had to wear it and he also got me the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette YAY!!!! I got him an electronic helicopter toy he can operate with his Iphone (men and there toys...) and the new L'Homme YSL cologne.

My outfit and makeup....

Faux leather moto jacket: dyamite
Purple ruffle blouse: rickis
Jeans: guess

Purple smokey eye with winged out liner
(let me know if I should do a tutorial)

^^^look at it is is so pretty^^^
I've already done a couple of different daytime looks with this palette. You can check them out on my instagram @annpaige_

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed this post!!!
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