How NOT to do your Makeup for the Holidays

Hello lovelies,

The holidays are officially here and most of us have packed schedules with party after party to attend. Getting ready for a holiday party takes a lot more work than a regular party. You are going  to see your entire family, friends that you haven't  seen in a while or all of your co-workers in one room. Seeing all of these people we of course want to look our absolute best and different than we normally do.

For all of us ladies doing our makeup for a special occasion can take forever, at least longer than normal. This post is mostly for fun, as I would never step out of my house looking like this. In this post I have also included some major tips to help save anyone from a makeup mishap for anytime of the year.

- Do wear colour and have fun with it.
- Do NOT wear a bold colour on your eyes, lips and cheeks. Pick ONE feature to be your main focus.
- Do fill in your eyebrows to add more depth to your face and make your eyes open up.
- Do NOT over fill in your brows, this can literally make you look crazy!! Do follow  your natural arch and fill in any sparse  areas.
- Do contour your face and add bronzer or a cream concealer in a shade that is two shades darker than your foundation.
- Do NOT pick a shade that is more than two shades darker than your foundation or it will look unnatural and muddy.
- Do wear false lashes or a volumizing mascara to make your eyes appear wider and pull your entire look together.
- Do NOT wear lashes that are too dramatic, especially if you already have a bold eye look going on - you don't want to hide the masterpiece that you just  created on your lids. You also don't  want to look like you have a critter hanging over your eyes.
- Do wear glitter and a highlighter to beighten up your face and help add dimension.
- Do NOT wear a highlighter that is too light for your complexion and Do NOT dip your face in glitter.

I hope that you may have gotten a laugh from this post and also some helpful tips!!!

Have an amazing holiday everyone and Merry Christmas!!!!


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