Lg Fashion Week - Preloved Fall/Winter 2010

For those of you who don't know Preloved is a line that turns something old into something new. They use old fabrics to create new garments. This years Preloved show looked like it was three-o-clock at an all girls catholic highschool. There were plaids and printed knee high socks all over the place. One thing that I loved about this collection was that the designers were not afraid to use colour. Usually when it comes to fall/winter collections the colours are kind of dull and boring but not this year. There were lots of pinks and purples and blues and even some yellows and greens all mixed together in different panels on different garments. Of course it is still winter so yes there were also the common neutrals such as beige, brown, and grey hints too. The fabrics used on the runway stayed true to the typical fall/winter fabrics. So we saw lots of knits, wovens and also some leather. The silhouettes of the garments were quite simple and included several a-line skirts and dresses as well as pencil skirts and even some knit shorts. The outfits were definitely items I could see people wearing for the upcoming season with some exceptions such as the shorts and that one piece short jumpsuit. Canada is just a tad too chilly for those items. But of course it doesn't mean people wouldn't wear them, there are still those fashionistas who will sacrifice fashion for warmth and kudos to them, 'cause I would freeze. One piece from this collection that I cannot wait to get my hands on is the paneled leather jacket towards the end of the show, I have to have it. Loved the show and can't wait until next season!

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