Green eyed barbie make-up

Eyes: almay eye palette for green eyes
if you don't have it (I'm not sure if they still sell it) use a a matte purple eyeshadow on the eyelid, then put a dark green shadow on the crease of your eye, and a light green shadow above, just to under your brow bone. I also like to use a white eye shado just under my brow bone as a highlighter.
Eyeliner- Rimmel soft khol black - and then a black gel liner on top after eyeshadow to enhance the colour.

Concealer used(for under my eyes, chin, and any other redness on the face) - Covergirl & Olay simply ageless(it's really a foundation but I use it as a concealer). I like to use a shade or two light than my skin tone so my eyes look brighter. I use shade 205

Foundation: L'Oreal Gentle Mineral make-up with spf 15. I love this foundation I have been using it for 5 years and I pray they never discontinue it or I will go nuts. It's really light on the skin and it doesn't even feel like wearing make up as long as you apply it properly and use a powder brush to fan it out.

Bronzer: Rimmel Sunshimmer 3in1 shimmer bronzer: On my cheek bones, on the angles of my nose, my forehead, and jaw line. Use a fan brush to apply and be sure not to go to dark and rub it in properly with a powder brush.

Blush: Sephora palette (it's a really big set) but it's just a light rosey pink colour and I apply it on top of the bronzer on my cheek bones and fan out.

Eyelashes: maybelline one by one volume express and I love it. I already have really long lashes but making them curl and extend out as always been my problem this really helps.

Lips: Mac lipstick - Snob

missing anything......

hope you enjoyed my look and let me know what you think or how it goes if you try it out for yourself!!!!!!


  1. super cute! That colour really brings out your eyes!!

  2. Wow you really pull off Snob, looks super pretty on you!! xxx

  3. thanks, I love it. It's my new fav lipstick colour!!!


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