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Hello lovelies,

So today I had this awesome opportunity with Vervegirl (www.vervegirl.com - this super awesome magazine in Canada that gets published to high schools and universities, which I have casually been working for and writing for at times) to be a part of a "go see" scene for this show they are partnering with. I can't give any details of it until it airs, but it was super fun. Myself along with a friend and a few other girls were extras in the scene and I got to talk and be on screen (I just hope I make it into the cut!!!) and I want to show you all my outfit.

Peplum top - Urban Planet (new)
Jeggings - guess
Heels - le chateau (old)

They just wanted simple makeup, (the girl next door look) so I didn't do too much.
Light bronzer to contour cheeks and pink blush.
Brown soft eyeliner and neutral eyes with mascara.
Baby lips peach kiss with Mac snob on lips.

I saw this top and thought it was super cute, trendy and comfy and would be perfect for today. (It only cost ...are you ready for it... $12 Canadian, super cheap!!!)

The rest of my day consists of my boyfriend and I taking his nephew to a Halloween and pasta dinner party at church with all of his school friends and I'm not sure if it be awkward to dress up or not....

What are your plans for Halloween or just for this weekend.

Hope you all have a great night!!!

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  1. thanks!!! I would love to follow!!

  2. I've got the same top <3 love it! And I love this combination of yours :)


    1. thanks<3 it was too cute and a great price, so I had to have it!!!

  3. hey i just found you blog and its really nice!! :) how did you score working for vervegirl mag?? any tips for starting out??

    1. thanks!!! I applied for a part-time internship with them after highschool and just stayed in touch over the years. Connections are always the best thing to have in any industry (even school professors) and keeping in contact with them, even if it's only a couple of times out of the year. Also asking them if they need any extra help with jobs is really the only advice I can give. Just be persistent and show that you are always willing to make the effort, it really does get noticed. I hope this helps!!!<3

  4. Lovely blog! Check out mine? :)


  5. lovely!

    Maybe you want to folllwo eatch other? let me know:)

  6. Thanks for the advice. i recently applied for an internship at elle canada magazing! hope it goes well.. thanks for your tips!!!

  7. Love the peplum top! And it was such a great deal too!

  8. Ou, you're so pretty! <3 you shound post more, its easy for you to look good in pics! :)

    Maybe you want to follow eatch other? let me know :)

  9. very nice red peplum top! love it xo
    would you like to follow each other?

  10. what an amazing opportunity..and what a deal on that peplum top!! I've been wanting a peplum top, and I think I just may HAVE to get one!! great look!


    1. Thanks. Peplums are one off my fav trends (aside from the fact that they remind of the jetsons, which I also love), they are so easy to wear with almost anything.


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