Stila Holiday Series - Makeup look #1

Hello lovelies,

Sorry this post took a few days longer to get up than I had anticipated, but none the less as promised here is look #1 from my Stila Holiday series that I will be doing!!!

This is the makeup look that I had for the Stila and Adrell launch party from last week. The first part of the tutorial is going to be the makeup that I had prior to the artists doing my makeup at the event and then I will explain how they enhanced and holiday-fied up my look. (I'm not going to go through my foundation and concealer because I have explained it in previous posts)

For contour I used hard candy's baked bronzer in tropics, because I didn't want anything too dark or harsh and this bronzer also has a light golden shimmer to it, perfect for any holiday look. And as for blush I used my maybelline blush trio in purley plum, using a blend of all three colours.

Step1: Prime your eyelids, I am currently using the Hard Candy Sheer envy primer for my face and eyes (which I will soon be doing a review on, because I love it!!!)
Step2: pat foxy(ud nkd2) all over lid as a base
Step3: apply a golden champagne colour all over lid - I used a colour from my maybelline trio (I can't remember the name)
Step4: brush mac rare find mineralized shadow into crease and blend
Step5: pat verve(ud nkd2) into inner corner and also on the inner part of your lower lash line
Step6: lightly pat ydk(ud nkd2) in the middle of the lid and blend on both sides
Step7: use rare find again on the centre to outside of the lower lash line, meeting with verve.
Step8: let's line our upper lash line - mac dark diversion fluid line; create a very slight wing, not too dramatic. Also use this liner on the outer to centre lower lash line
Step9: highlight brow bone using bootycall(ud nkd2)
Step10: line water line with a white shimmery eyeliner
Step11: apply your favourite mascara for a dramatic full lash
Step1: use your favourtie chapstick - Ever since I was a kid I have always loved my lip smackers, dr. pepper is my favourite.
Step2: apply a plum purple lip liner as a base all over lips and smudge - or in my case a plum kohl eyeliner, because I did not have a purple lip liner with me. - Rimmel 040 Purple Passion kohl eyeliner
Step3: Lipstick time - use a bright fuscia colour to tone down the purple, so it is not too dark - Rimmel moisture renew 340 lily extase

And that is my look, now to glam it up just the way the stila makeup artist did, here is what you need to do....

Step1: Using the stila Snow Angel Colour Palette - to enhance the eyelid lightly pat on jingle no.24
Step2: to add some definition to the crease use fairy no.30
Step3: to blend and highlight use kitten no.23
Step4: apply your favourite dramatic ardell lashes

Cheeks: Blend together matte plum no.11 and matte berry no.6 blushes, for a light plum cheek
Lips: apply black cherry no.27 lip glaze

We have now completed our look. yay!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the first look of my weekly holiday makeup series. Please leave all comments and requested looks that you want to see me do below.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have an amazing day!!!

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  1. wow what an amazing make up, need to try these colors!
    thanks for sharing
    kisses from Milano

    1. Thanks. The stila snow angel palette is so pretty and it has a good mix of matte and glittery eyeshadows too.

  2. wow babe you look so hot!
    your beautifull

    New outfit post : autumn colors

  3. Beautiful make up :)


  4. wooooooooow I'm seriously completely mesmerized by this holiday make up look!! I LOOOVE IT!! and I'm really inspired to try this!! THANKS SO MUCH!


    1. Thank you!! Let me know if you do try it, I would love to see your rendition!!

  5. wow beautiful look, loving the bright lip :) xx

  6. Thanks<3. I think lips and brows always make the look.


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