70's for the 21st Century

The 70's style is a HUGE trend for this year.
Here are some tips on how to modernize the 70's trend for the 21st century.
Think That 70's Show meets Gossip Girl

-platforms are like so 1970 but wedges are so 2010.
-pair a wedged sandal or heel with flared or wide legged pants for a long and lean look that is within our century.
-When picking a bottom go for a denim or light neutral colour. White is going to be a big trend for pants.
-An easy way to get the 70's looking without looking like you just stepped out of a time machine is to wear a flared/wide legged bottom wide sleeved top that fits closer to the body and adding a boyfriend jacket on top.
- now if you want to wear a dress opt for the maxi. The maxi can be dressed up and/or dressed down very easily. This is a staple item for spring/summer 2011. For a dressy look go for a black with gold accessories. For more of a casual day time look pick one that has lots of colour and pair it with a sandal and chunky bold accessories.

*gold was the colour for accessories in the 1970's and bold jewelry was also very popular. So if you just want a hint of the 70's without the whole package go BIG and go GOLD.
*make-up in the 70's was very colourful and playful. Pick colours from your outfit to give yourself a clean modern 70's make-up look.
*hair wasn't as big as the 60's but don't think that gives you any reason to get rid of the hairspray. &0's hairstyles were all about wavy flipped curls and messy updo's. When using a straightener flip the ends of your hair back and add hairspray but fan it out to give it that messy 21st century meets 70's hair.

*flared jeans with a raglan sleeved top that is fitted on the torso

*same look but added a boyfriend fit jacket

*make-up used bright colours on the eyes but toned it down with a light pink gloss and bronzer with a light pink blush on the cheeks

*gold dangling earring with a metallic headband kills two trends with one look.

Hope this helps everyone modernize the 70's for the 21st century!!!!!
If anyone has any comments or additional ideas please post in comments!!!


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