Garnier BB cream Review

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BB cream has been all the rage and especially now in North America with all of the beauty brands coming out with their own versions. For the past couple of weeks I did some extensive research in YouTube watching different guru's videos on their reviews of the different brands out there. Garnier and L'Oreal both had the best reviews and I really thought about getting the L'Oreal BB cream but when it came down to getting my money's worth I got the Garnier BB cream instead because you get double the amount for only a couple of dollars more. Now to my before and after pictures and myreview!!!!

The BB cream comes with 2fl. oz. and claims to:
Hydrate &
Protect the skin.

I got the shade Light/Medium and it is a little bit too light for me for the summer with my tan but should be good for the winter. So if you are my complexion or even a bit darker than go for the Medium/Deep shade. The texture is smooth and not at all runny. It glides perfectly onto the skin and I saw a difference in my complexion as soon as I put it on....

Fresh face after the shower with nothing on
I have normal skin with no breakouts, no dry areas and no oil, but I do have redness, minor discolouration and dark under eye circles.

BB cream on just the right side(left side of face but right when you look at it in the picture)

BB cream on full face

When first put on it got rid of all of my redness and really minimized my dark circles. It gives a dewy finish but dries matte. When I use this cream I don't need a moisturizer and I don't need as much concealer or foundation as before I started using this BB cream. I do still use my L'Oreal mineral foundation on top and then my concealer(but they are not needed for when I just need to throw something on and run) because I like a bit more coverage.

Overall I love this product and I will definitely be repurchasing it when I run out. I don't recommend to anyone with oily skin because it is very moisturizing, but if you have dry/normal/combination skin than TRY THIS BB CREAM!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed this review and I also hope it helped you if you are looking for a new moisturizer or if you were thinking of trying this product.

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  1. you look very pretty, thank you for your comment
    kisses from Milan

  2. you look amazing with no make up on! I would not be so brave lol


  3. Thanks for sharing! It sounds great :)

    - Victoria

    1. Gotta help out the beauty world!!! Thanks so much for reading!!!

  4. Great!!!!!!!



  5. Beautiful! ;)


  6. Great post! Thanks for your tips!


  7. Great post!
    I've always wondered if the BB cream works.
    And it looks great:)


    1. I absolutely love this product!! It doesn't have the same effect as the Korean BB creams but it works perfectly for what I need it to do!!!


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