Christmas Nails

Hello lovelies,

(First off I just want to say I now I am super late with my next Holiday makeup look, but I have not been able to take the pictures of my looks. At the moment I have only had my IPod and the picture quality is not good at all. I will have the next look up this week end for sure!!!)

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by, it is so crazy!!! Being December the 10th already that means there are only 15 days left until Christmas!!!! Speaking of Christmas and all, I have been getting super excited lately and I have this really cute nail tutorial to share with you all.

I recently got some new products to try from avon's pro nail wear and nail art enamel line and so far I am loving them (except some of my nail art brushes are not thin enough to do a lot of designs :( )With all these new nail polishes, why not do a new Christmas nail tutorial?! You don't have to do the designs in the same order that I did, have fun and do whatever you like with this tutorial.

What you will need:

Base coat, red polish, silver polish, white nail art polish, clear top coat, toothpick /wooden cuticle pusher

Step1: I applied avon's gel strength base coat (my new fav base coat)

Step2: paint all nails (except for your ring finger) with 2 coats of avon's real red

Step3: paint ring finger with two coats of your fav silver nail polish

Step4: to create the snowflake on our thumb start with putting a white dot in the top left corner.

Step5: using a toothpick draw 3 white lines stemming from the dot.

Step6: using the same toothpick draw 2 lines on the side of each of your snowflake lines like a leaf stem.

Step7: to create the snowflake design draw 4 white diagonal lines using your white nail art polish (or a toothpick)

Step8: to create the snowy french tip nail - using your white nail art polish make a white french tip over you red polish.

Step9: draw white dots all over your nail using your white nail art polish (or a toothpick) in no particular order.

Step10: create the same design on your pinky nail as on your thumb.

Step11: put on your top coat (avons uv gloss top coat)and let nail dry.

Step12: do the same thing on your other hand.

Step13: you are done!!!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, please let me know if you try this design at home, I would love to see your renditions.

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