Happy Summer!!

Hello lovelies!!!

Today is officially summer yay!!

Although I haven't been able to post anything recently, I had to post some kind of summer outfit(s) today!

I also wanted to say thank you to those who commented on my two previous posts. Although my hand is still bandaged up, my wrist is getting better. I still have limited mobility and little strength, but I am really pleased thus far with the healing process. Next week I get my stitches out then I will either be in a splint or a cast for a few more weeks.

As of right now I still cannot post regularly, but I am going to try for once a week. Most posts will be quite pictorial, so I hope you will still enjoy them!!

I hope you all are doing amazing and that you have an awesome first day of summer!!!!

Blue dress from a shop in New York (old)
Floral print dress from Urban Planet 
Photos taken by Frank Arzaga (http://500px.com/frank_arzaga)



  1. Hey,
    sweet pictures and great outfits.
    The dresses are amazing! :)


  2. You look Stunning! you are very photogenic!

  3. Gorgeous dresses!!!
    From Paris with love, Vicky

    The Golden Bun

  4. Wow... so beautiful pics... cute dress... like the floral print :) Check out my blog... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?

  5. Nice pics, the quality is amazing! My fave is the 2nd one, that dress is so cute :)


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