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Hello lovelies,

It has been awhile since I last did a favourites post so, i thought it was about time, since I have been trying a few new things lately. I hope you enjoy!!!

Fashion Favs

I recently got this top from Rickis (find here) and I love it so much!!!
It is a light chiffon material that goes with everything. The colour is what first sold me on this product. I had to have it as soon as I saw it.

I got these bow earrings about a month ago from forever21 (find here) and I just love them. If you read my posts often or follow me on twitter then you would have already seen these earrings a few times. They are so cute and girly and I just love them like crazy!!

Beauty Favs  

When I was at Fr21 a month ago I saw this brush set (find here) and at the moment I needed to get some new eye shadow brushes, so I thought why not give them a try. The set only cost $6.80, so if they were crap, then I didn't really waste much on them at all. Thankfully, they were not bad at all. The face and cheek brush are not that dense, so they are great for applying powder products to the face. The eye shadow brushes I LOVE. They remind me so much of my duo brush that came with my naked2 palette, and they pick up product so nicely. I would highly recommend this set, mainly just for the shadow brushes and that only makes the set worth the cost.

I recently got some products from Jergens Natural glow line and Vevergirl to test out and I have so far tried these products from the line. I will do a full review on the whole line in the near future after I have gotten to test them all, but so far I really love both of these products. I used the +firming daily moisturizer and face moisturizer before bed and after I showered. I noticed a difference in my skin tone when I got home the next day. I also noticed a significant difference after the second application. Both products left my skin feeling so smooth and the colour was really natural. 

I got this perfume as a birthday gift from my boyfriend last year and I love the scent, it just reminds of spring/summer every time I smell it. I always tend to lean towards one scent more than  another in specific seasons, 'cause they make the season come more to life for me(I that sounded really lame, but its true). With the weather getting warmer outside now, I just find I have been grabbing this scent a lot more lately. I love it, it is light and kind of floral, but not at all strong. (find here the colour of the bottle has changed)

I discovered this primer last year and I also mention it in my best of 2012 post because I love it so much. I truly think that this is an under rated product and that it needs more love than it gets. I find that now that I have started to use a new foundation I am grabbing my primer a lot more, to smooth out my skin and to put on my oily spots, before applying my foundation. This primer is so comparable to the smashbox primer which is like $40 and the hard candy primer is only $7.98 @ wal-mart. I love this product and I recommend that everyone who uses primer to try this product!!!! (find here)

For awhile I was using the Garnier Fructis UV color shield leave-in conditioner, until I came across this new one.  It has a milk like conditioner on top and the oil is the bottom. When you shake the bottle the two mix to create this amazing triple nutrition detangling spray. I spray it on my hair after I shower with my heat protectant and after I blow dry to keep my hair soft and frizz free. I also use this product daily if my hair is looking or feeling dry. (find here)

What products have you all been loving this month?
Comment below and let me know!!!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!



  1. I love that top! The fade is so pretty!


  2. got my eyes on that brush set collection


    1. So worth it!! They aldo gave similar sets in different colours and patterns.

  3. That top is so pretty and the bow ear rings- super cute!!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours


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