Too Faced - Glamour to go palette; Review

Hello lovelies,

I recently got the Too Faced glamour to go palette and I have used it quite a bit and I really like it a lot, so I thought I would show you all some swatches and let you know why I love it so much!!

First off the packaging is adorable and it is compact so it literally is great for on the go. When you open the palette, there is a mirror and 8 eyeshadow shades. The palette also has a slide out with a blush, bronzer and lip gloss. If you are not a fan of shimmer, than you will not like this palette. All of the shadows but one are shimmery,  as well as the blush and bronzer. I love shimmer and as for the blush and bronzer neither are overly shimmery.

Due to the shades all (but one) being shimmery, you do need a base for some to really show up. I don't mind using a base. My favourite to use with this palette is my Maybelline color tattoo in 05 too cool. It is a white shimmery colour and it goes perfect with these shades. I also love the mix of warm and cool tones, this palette has to offer making it perfect for all skin tones and preferences. With that being said it is also a great day to night palette. You can easily create a daytime look with this palette and darken it up later for a night out.
The lip gloss is pretty sheer, put has enough colour to add on top of a nude or light pink lip.

Overall I really like this palette. For days that I have plans after work, or if I'm in a rush out the door, you better believe that this is the only palette in my makeup bag.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you have or have tried this palette leave your thouhhts below!!

*Over the next month and a half I wont be able to do many detailed posts, as I am finally having my wrist surgery next week and it will be difficult to type with a cast. I promise to try and get out as many posts as I can, but they will be very visual to say the least. I also have a couple more makeup reviews to post in the next few days featuring essence and elf!!*

Have an awesome night lovelies!!



  1. This palette is so pretty! Hope your wrist surgery goes well and healing time is speedy <3

    xo, alison*elle

  2. great review! good luck with your surgery



  3. that palette is so, so pretty!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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  4. lovely colours, i love palette's like these they are so useful!


  5. This looks so good!


  6. You're very pretty =)

    Even the packaging is gorgeous for this palette!!

    Love it.

  7. I really like how those colours look.. not too dark but not too light. It helps you're such a gorgeous model!


    1. Thanks hun!! <3 the colours are so pretty, one thing that really drew me to this adorable palette.

  8. Beautiful shades dear! And get well soon please. :)
    Following you now back via GFC. Thank you so much for the support!

    xx, Mela


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