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The Hawaiian Tropic Visa gift card winner is....

lelalacc Congratulations girl!!!!

Here is an over view of all of the reviews submitted:

Magnolius T:
I have been using the sunscreen and the after-sun for the past three days.What I like best about the sunscreen is how quickly it absorbs into my skin. I don't have to wait to put my clothes on for fear that they will get greasy. The scent reminds me of the beach and it fades nicely so there is just a nice residual tropical smell to your skin. Most importantly, it works! No sunburns here.I don't usually use after sun moisturizer. I really liked how this one smelled really clean with just a hint of coconut. What I didn't like about this lotion was how it made my skin tingle. Perhaps that is normal for an after sun product but I didn't really enjoy it.Overall I really liked and would definitely buy the sunscreen but I would skip the after sun moisturizer.

I needed a sunscreen and these works well! No more sunburn and no more worrying about being in the sun for too long. It smells really sweet and it doesn't get greasy after rubbing it into my skin. I also like the ribbon thingy in both products which I think is kinda cool. The after sun moisturizer is so moisturizing and had a better scent. I think the sample size bottles are just the perfect size to put in your bag and bust it out after every two hours outside. One thing I don't understand is why we have to apply the sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure because I would never remember to do it before then.

So pleased that there was finally sun so that I could actually use and review the products! This weekend was the perfect 'test' scenario. Firstly, I'd just like to say thanks for the giveaway - much appreciated!I love that the Sunscreen Lotion comes in a 30 spf - this is my fave level of protection (not too much, and just right for good sun protection). I liked the scent of the sunscreen - it was pleasant and actually made me think of the beach. The lotion applied nicely and was not at all greasy. It blended into the skin quickly (not leaving any 'white' lotion steaks) and it actually left a nice sheen on my skin. I was outdoors for quite a while and didn't burn at all - so it also worked well for me. I have to say that the ribbon pattern of the lotion, which matches the bottle, was pretty cute and an unexpected surprise.The After Sun Moisturizer had an extremely refreshing scent and I liked the smell right away (I'm actually very sensitive to fragrance, and it was great to find a product that did not cause any such issues). I found that the moisturizer had a cooling sensation as I applied it - which felt great after coming in from the sun and heat. I was pleased that it had aloe. I also think that, because it is branded as an after sun product, I would be more likely to remember to use it after being in the sun - as opposed to a regular moisturizer - which is a great thing because one can really never moisturize too much and this would certainly help to keep my skin in better condition after sun exposure. The only thing that i was not too keen on was that I found the moisturizer left my hands feeling sticky after applying it - so I had to wash it off my hands right away (instead of actually rubbing it into my hands as I would with a regular moisturizer).Overall, I liked both products and I really love the size of the bottles - perfect for travel or toting around with you on a really sunny day.

The Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen Lotion feels good on my sin and protects it well. It absorbs quickly and smells so good! I've been using it when I am running errands and no signs of sunburn yet!The Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Moisturizer leaves my skin feeling cool and refreshed. I love the look of the aloe ribbons in the bottle and the fruity scent is really nice.The two products work so well together. I will be continuing to use both.Thanks for the opportunity to try these out!

I loved both of these products! The sunscreen smells delicious, absorbs quickly, and wasn't greasy. The after-sun moisturizer has a nice cooling effect and works well on hot skin if you've been in the sun a little too long. It's also a great alternative to aloe which I find can get a little messy. Since it's a lotion, it's much easier to apply.

E Momma:
I was hesitant to try out another sunscreen lotion, because of allergic reactions i had in the past.I was pleasantly surprised that the sunscreen was not thick or sticky. The sunscreen was non-greasy as i applied it over my arms and legs. The first good result i noticed was the sensitive areas on my skin(where i tend to get heat rashes) was not irritated outside in the heat and also i did not feel burnt.I have to agree with the good review i heard on a program about the sunscreen. I feel it's one of the best on the market. When i got inside i used the after-sun moisturizer, and it made my skin feel soft and smooth without a sticky feeling which i appreciate for my oily skin type. I would definitely recommend these products to my friends who are looking for a good quality product with great results.Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try both of these products!

Hi Guys! I have been using the sunscreen and the after-sun for the past week or so.What I like most about the sunscreen is how quickly it absorbed into my skin. There wasn't any sticky residue and I didn't feel like a greaseball when I applied it. LOVE that! The second factor that I loved was the scent. It brought back memories of my trip to Palm Beach. It was fresh, energizing and tropical! Throughout the past week I have had ZERO sunburns and my occupation requires me to be outdoors, so I definitely had exposure to the sun! The after sun moisturizer's scent of coconut and papaya was completely addictive!! I loved the tingling sensation of the lotion because it provided a cooling effect to the skin. I could imagine that the after sun moisturizer would be sensitive enough on a sunburn.Overall I really liked and would definitely purchase the sunscreen and the after sun moisturizer.Thanks Ann Paige for giving us all this awesome opportunity!

Sarah W:
I was very pleased with the sunscreen for a few reasons. Normally i prefer not to use sunscreen, since i tend to get darker whenever i use it. The lotion was basically a shield from the sun, and my skin remained the same color. It has a very nice smell, not like the typical sunscreens. Even when my skin got wet it didn't leave a white residue. Also another positive result was that my skin didn't feel clammy. The after-sun moisturizer was very light weight and i loved the fruity scent. The size of this duo is great for travelling and i will take it on the go! It was great trying both products out :)

Thank you everyone for entering and for all of your participation!!!!
I hope you all had fun and enjoyed entering this giveaway,  because I really enjoyed hosting it!!!

Thanks again to ParadigmPr for the chance to give back to all of my lovely readers!!!!


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