Schick and Visa Giveaway Winner!!

Hello lovelies,

The winner of the $50 visa for the Schick giveaway is.....
(Winner was chosen by random.org)

Sarah Wilson!!

Please check your email and junk mail.

Thank you everyone who entered!!! I also included those who unfortunately did not receive their razors on time, as it would not be fair to those individuals.

In this post I am also going to feature all of your reviews below.

Hi annpaige! I just got my razor in the mail yesterday and used it last night. I loved it! I wet it to activate the serum and did both legs without any shaving gel. I had no irritation at all. No dry, itchy skin. I ended up with a very close shave. I highly recommend this razor! Thank you for giving me the chance to try and review it!

The first thing I noticed about this razor was the rubber grips on the handle. It made for a great non-slip surface while using it in the shower. I liked the moisturizing beads on the razor that were released as I shaved. It eliminated the need for shaving gel but I do wonder how many shaves I can get with the moisturizing beads before they dry up. The razor glided smoothly up and down my legs and caught all of the hair leaving me with silky, smooth legs. I was really impressed by the job of this razor! I did feel the need to moisturize my legs after shaving as they felt a little dry. Overall, this is a great disposable razor and much better than the disposable razors I have tried with only one or two blades. The five blades of this razor allowed for a close, comfortable shave. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

E Momma:
I was very pleased with the clean, smooth shave i received from my Shick Hyrdo Silk razor. It glided very nicely, and the 5 blades gave me a close shave without any nicks. The design of this razor is very nice and the grip is great. Also another thing that was great was after shaving it was very easy to clean. I used this before my up coming vacation and this is defintiely the perfect razor to take in your toiletries bag. This razor did an amazing job, it was 100% true to it's claims and i would most definitely recommend it to others. Thanks again for this contest!

Sarah Wilson:
To be honest, i dont like shaving.. i find it to be a drag. It takes too much time, and typically the results aren't as great compared to a hair cream remover or waxing.For the first time, i actually enjoyed shaving and i didn't feel like i was shaving. This is because the razor glided very smoothy across my legs and it was a quick and easy process! The mirco bead gel helped to make the blades glide so easily and i couldn't feel the sharp blades at all against my skin. It was easy to maneuver and it got into all the little crevices, resulting in a very clean shave.Overall i was highly satisfied with this razor, it was my pleasure to try it out/review it. Compared to other razors i used in the past, i can honestly say.. this was the best. I would definitely purchase this and recommend it to others!

Jonnie B:
I don't usually use disposable razors because I find they leave me with more irritation than refillable razors. The Schick Hydro Silk disposable made me rethink that. This razor left my skin smooth and soft with no irritation at all! I can't believe that this disposable worked better than most regular razors I have used. The cushioning on the handle made it really easy and comfortable to use. I notice some of the other reviewers say they didn't use shave gel, I should mention that I did use shave gel. I thought of the moisturizing serum as an extra moisture boost.Thanks for the chance to review!

Andrea Amy:
I actually prefer disposable razors. I find I get a better shave, a closer shave, and I just like the convenience of them. The Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Jetables was great. I like the closeness of the shave, and found that it worked really well in those hard areas like my knees and underarms. I normally prefer to use men's disposables because I find that they are just a better razor in general, and that I get a closer and longer lasting shave, but I really liked this one. The handle was comfortable to hold, I didn't get any nicks or cuts while shaving, and I will admit that I shaved in a hurry as my children started fighting with one another when I was half way through. I would buy these again, and appreciate the fact that the razor came with a money saving coupon for me to use when I buy a package. Thank you for picking me to receive a razor for free to review.

Thanks again to everyone who entered and participated in this giveaway!!


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