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Hello lovelies,

The weather this past week has been really ugly in Ontario, so I haven't really gone anywhere other than work and haven't been inspired for outfits. With that being said I thought it would be a great time to show you all some of the new goodies that I have gotten lately. I don't really go shopping often and this time around I have quite a few things. Some are gifts and some are things I just needed to get and I wanted to try new products instead of re-buying the same products.

The one thing that I am so excited about in this post is the shoes that I got. All three pairs I bought at Ardene and they were only 3 for $10. Regular price they are still really cheap, only $14.50 each. I have worn two of them so far and I am really happy with the quality. They are so comfortable and durable too. Being on my feet all day at work makes it hard for me to find comfortable shoes, but so far they are all more comfortable then shoes that I have paid 10x the price for.If you have an Ardene near you run there now, they have so many cute styles. (Tip for shopping at Ardene, power centre locations have a much wider variety than most mall locations and the stuff is much cuter too). You can find some styles "here" on their website too, but they have soo much more in store.

All of the jewelry was a gift from my boyfriends mom, that she bought back home in the Philippines. I am so in love with the gold one that has the pink jewels, I wore it in my last Valentine's outfit post.

The coloured pearl earrings are all so cute and they are all pastel, perfect for the Spring.

The purse was also a gift. She bought a bigger purse and this little one came inside of it. This would be perfect with almost any outfit, since it is a neutral colour.

I needed to get more bleach and toner(wella t18) for my roots and I wanted to try a new bleach, so I picked up a new one and I love it. I've never used quick blue before and i have wanted to try it for quite some time now, so my roots wouldn't be so bright this time around. This stuff works really well and I would recommend it to anyone who does their own hair. (Comment below if you want a full review).
While at Sally's it was also time to renew my membership and they had a promotion going on for the month of February. When you renew you get to pick a free Ion or Silk Elements product worth $8.99 or less. I picked this Silk Elements cholesterol conditioning treatment. I have used it once so far, right after doing my roots and it made my hair so silky smooth.ble

I also needed a new face moisturizer and have heard a lot about this beauty brand "simple", so when I saw it at wal-mart I thought why not give it a shot. This moisturizer is really gentle and I like it a lot.

I have been eyeing this chanel t-shirt for, forever at Rickis and I had to cave. It was the last xs and at a cost of only $22.50 it is now mine. The material is so soft and the colour around the bottle is actually all sequins. To all of my international readers, Rickis is only in Canada and does not have international shipping, sorry :(. But you can find tees like this in so many places now such as "here" and "here"
At Rickis I also got this adorable hair bow for only $2.99, it is so cute! ( find similar bow here) If you are in Canada and don't have a Rickis near you check out www.rickis.com.

That is everything that I have gotten and please bare in mind that this is a collective haul over the past week or so and I am in no means bragging about anything that I have shown. This post is merely just a way to show you all some new products that I have and am loving and that you may want to check out for yourself.
If you want a review on any of the hair or beauty products shown then please leave a comment below and I will for sure do a more in depth post about them.

What are products or items are you all loving right now?

I hope you all enjoyed this post and the weather near you is better than mine lol. Have an awesome weekend and I will see you all in my next post!!!



  1. i love the tshirt!
    kisses from Milano
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, it is so soft omg! Really glad I finally got it.

  2. Love the tshirt and collar necklaces!


    1. Thanks. I never thought I would be into collar necklaces until I got these and I love them all.

  3. So many great pieces. I love the necklaces! xx

    - Victoria

  4. Ouu that gold beaded collar necklace is so pretty! Can you show us how you style them :)

    1. For sure!!
      If you check out my last post you can see how I styled the gold and pink one.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks. They have a fabric sole on the inside that makes them feel like you are walking on cusions omg!!

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  7. Hello!
    Amazing photos!!!

    I'm following you now and waiting for your turn! :)

    So many kisses!



  8. loving all the flats! great pictures!


  9. Wow $10 for 3 pairs is so cheap!! I doubt I can find any of such price around over in my country. And the silver necklace is absolutely gorgeous too! *want*

    Many kisses
    ♡ Jaslin from http://justjaslin.blogspot.sg/

    1. Thanks and I know they were such an awesome deal!! Check www.ardene.com I know they have international shipping.

  10. The first collar necklace is fantastic, I like it.
    Do you want to follow each other?




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