Minimal Statement - Outfit

Hello lovelies,

Are you heading out to dinner after work, or do you need an outfit for an event? Here is the perfect look.

When shopping for a Fall wardrobe, there are some basics that every woman needs, including a classic white dress. The dress I chose for this look is a basic shift dress with an embellished collar, making your jewelry choices that much easier.

Another piece that we all need is a coloured blazer. A coloured blazer is great for every season and this Fall the colours are navy and burgundy. I chose a burgundy blazer for this look as the statement piece to give a more fashion forward look.

When wearing an outfit with a clothing item as the statement piece, tone everything else down by adding neutral pieces like I did with the purse and jewelry.

Shift dress - Dynamite
Blazer - Smart Set
Two toned pumps - Aldo 
Tote - Dynamite
Earrings - Aldo
Watch - Aldo 

Would you wear this look?

Until next time....


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